Saturday, March 11, 2023


My Oster blender has an additional container for smoothies and it works wonderfully. I filled it about half full with soy milk but you can use the liquid of your choice. I add 1/2 a banana, sliced. Then I put in some leftover beets, some leftover crushed pineapple, and two really big handfuls, tightly packed, of raw collard greens. I buy them in a large bag already washed and torn into small pieces and they last me at least a week. Raw collard greens are the best greens you can eat for your eyes and I can honestly say my vision has improved in only two weeks of making these smoothies. I vary the ingredients but the banana and collards are always included as is the soy milk.

This is a closeup before my first sip.

I ordered these stainless straws with an adjustable sipper and cleaning brush recently because a standard straw is too short for my Oster container. They are made by OXO (see link HERE) and there is a carrying case for travel. These are life changing and I love them. What do you think of My Breakfast of Champions? I was having an awful time eating my greens in other ways so this has solved my problem completely. If I somehow miss it at breakfast time, I will have it for my dinner. I add berries too, just didn't this morning. I always have frozen blueberries on hand. Each one has been delicious and the greens don't impart much of a taste but the banana does! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND.

Here is my complete Oster package.
Maybe you have the same one hiding in your cabinet like I did.

Friday, March 10, 2023

Please Don't Eat The Snowdrops

This must be in England because I have snowdrops everywhere and nothing has ever eaten them. It's an adorable photo though, isn't it? Happy Friday! It's raining at my cottage and will continue all night into Saturday. Have a great weekend no matter the weather. via

I searched Google Lens for source of original photo and found this. 
The rabbit is eating snowdrops in a meadow in Germany.

Thursday, March 9, 2023

My Entrance Vestibule

My vestibule, photographed with the wide-angle lens. The front door is on the left. Door opening into my kitchen is on the right. Behind me is a coat closet with door. Each wall flanking closet has coat hooks and there is a tray for wet boots on the floor with a bootjack for easy removal. This area was a covered porch when I bought my cottage and the front door was on the wall where the chair is located. I could never have gotten my furniture in the house without my current setup. The outside of my cottage looks as if it has always been this way. That's always a good sign of a thoughtful restoration. I'm meeting two girlfriends later for an early dinner.

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Another View Inside My Pantry/Office

Does everybody like this new template? 
This is my pantry/office wall to the right of the front window.
So you can see it really does function for office work.
Let me. know if you like my blog this way.

It's as close to the look of my original blog as I can get.
Fingers crossed.
If you like it, thank Tara Dillard.
She sent me an email explaining her problems.
Tara, Do you like it now?
We shall wait for her reply.

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Snow Day From My Windows

It snowed overnight and I wasn't expecting to wake up to this scene from my kitchen window.

Another kitchen window looks out to my weathervane.

View from my pantry window showing the road is black.

My front walk is already melting. 
That's the nice thing about March snows; they don't last long.
Have a great Tuesday.

Thank you for stopping by. I know some of you are upset by my new look but try to remember it's still me behind the keyboard and camera. 

I post daily photos on Pinterest HERE and they link to daily blog posts. This is another way to scroll thru CONTENT IN A COTTAGE.


Monday, March 6, 2023

Weekend Pics Around My Cottage, Inside & Out

This is the second year for these snowdrops that were transplanted and they are loaded with flower heads.

Wild raspberry hoops swaying in a gentle breeze.

The beginning of a walk to the way back to pick up sticks.

Heading back home. I like to keep my property stick free and it's easy to do every day when I go out on stick patrol. 

Everybody likes this little room off my kitchen. It was once a screened-in porch. I love sitting here with my computer, looking out the front window with the tin cat figure. A geranium is wintering over at the back window. 

Another view showing more of the floor space.

Happy Monday. Hope you are having a nice day.


Sunday, March 5, 2023


Mourning Dove looking to the right,

Here she is looking to the left with her tail feathers in the water.

Male cardinal feeding from the ground.

The sun was at the perfect angle to capture this male cardinal's true color. He wears his red feathers proudly, doesn't he?

Enjoy this lovely Sunday.


Good Morning Sun

Sunday morning coffee time in front of the tv watching Antiques Roadshow from Palm Springs on PBS. I haven's raised my other shade yet.

My view from the front window looking at my across-the-street neighbor's red barn. The blue sky and the bright morning sun are so very welcoming.
I hope your Sunday is lovely too.


Saturday, March 4, 2023

Snowdrops are for Sharing

I discovered some rogue snowdrops on a bank where I threw some weeds from one of my beds with snowdrops and daffodils. It's impossible to weed those areas and not pull up snowdrop bulbs so I am careful to dispose of the weeds in a designated area. Each spring I have blooming bulbs to share with friends. I took these two pots to a friend who lost her mom recently and told her to plant them where she can see them. They always bloom in February and will be the start of her memory garden.
Have a great weekend.


Friday, March 3, 2023

Two Great Alphabets to Clip & Save

I found these vintage alphabets and the scissors when I was looking at some of my old posts. My new template made it so easy for me to share these large photos without having to struggle so much to resize them for you and this makes me so happy. These alphabets would be great to print, clip and paste the individual letters for one-of-a-kind cards for any occasion. Click to enlarge the images.

Happy Friday