Friday, August 7, 2020

Storm Damage at My Cottage

Tree work done yesterday.

What a day. I got tree men to stop at my house quite by accident. The tree that was uprooted and over the road blocked them from going to another job so their supervisor said they could cut up the tree that was tangled in the power lines. This huge old black walnut held its ground until the very last instant. They could not understand why it would not let go. They had the other end cradled in a sort of rope hammock so it would not bounce back and sever the wires. They connected the rope to another higher tree in the woods to absorb the shock. The whole crew worked tirelessly and did a super job except for the debris cleanup on the street which I had to do as best I could with no leaf blower. I did the minimum work on the street and then concentrated on my own yard. I worked for 3 hours piling branches at road's edge cut side out for County cleanup later. The tree was in County owned parkland. I have been trying for almost 20 years to have them cut it down but all they would do was assure me the tree would not hit my cottage. Instead it disrupted power on my street for going on 5 days. The linemen are coming next to deal with the power lines. I am thankful for my generator and for being a strong, independent woman! The other side of my back driveway to the right of this photo does not show. Picture with your mind's eye lots of cut logs in front of my grove of spruce trees and a leaning telephone pole with twisted and sagging lines. See you later. xo UPDATE: Power restored Friday night at 9PM. So happy! This is the longest period I have been without power since I got my generator. I felt sorry for the people in the dark for 4-1/2 days and used my electricity sparingly. Winter without power is much worse than summer with its long days.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Walled Entrance with Blue Doors

I always love the old walled entrances that have remained untouched. This one with the beautiful double doors with applied decoration in old blue paint is especially wonderful. via

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

House with Amazing Garden

Here is a photo of the beautiful house that goes with the enclosed garden with no grass. My generator is running full blast and has been since the hurricane yesterday. The largest black walnut you have ever seen in the parkland next to me was uprooted and is over the road. No power anywhere. Who knows how long this will take. No words. Be safe. xo

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Garden Lawn at Open House Today

I went to a public open house today and this is the front "lawn" leading to the main entrance. Not a blade of grass in sight. The beginning of the front brick walk was lined with hostas that weren't looking so great because of the intense heat we've been having and I think they were getting too much sun. I think it would be very hard to have everything looking great all the time but these hydrangeas were quite happy. Hope you enjoyed the first weekend in August. xo

Outdoor Shower Love

This tropical outdoor shower looks quite private and inviting. via I am all set to hunker down for the next three days when the tropical storm/hurricane comes my way. It's very overcast this Sunday morning and the wind is already kicking up. Be safe if it's coming your way too. xo

Saturday, August 1, 2020

1909 Painting: A Bed of Poppies

Maria Oakey Dewing (1845–1927), A Bed of Poppies, 1909. Oil on canvas, 25⅛ x 30⅛ inches. Courtesy, Addison Gallery of American Art, Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts, gift of anonymous donor (1931). 

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Wonderful Room with Rag Rug

This colorful rag rug just makes this room, doesn't it? I love the draperies edged with ball fringe too. I am trying to figure out the easy chair in striped fabric with green cushions. Are the arms freestanding? It's very interesting and looks comfortable. I love the gathered skirt.

New Arrangement in My LIving Room

I have done some major rearranging in my living room all because of my television. I recently bought a used but not abused Apple TV from a neighbor. It is third generation but it works wonderfully well and I am able to stream shows from my iPad to my TV. I have also joined Acorn TV with a one year subscription and am enjoying it thoroughly. I moved my largest sofa beside this antique tiger maple sewing stand because the companion sofa you see in this sofa was not long enough for naps and not as comfortable as my longer one that was formerly between my French doors leading to my balcony. I had to rearrange my lamps too. All of them. I bought this vintage cocktail shaker lamp with the hand-painted shade months ago at an estate sale. It has been up in my attic waiting for a home and got one this week. I am not a drinker but loved this lamp. I have a large collection of decanters all across the top of my bookcase so the martini glasses drawn on each panel are still appropriate. They don't even show when the lamp is turned on. It has a small bulb and casts a beautiful glow that is not too bright for TV binging. I am very happy with everything and will post more photos from time to time. I had many early morning errands to run this morning regarding real estate and I'm not finished yet. It's still too hot to work outside and I am thankful for my central air. I keep it at a high setting and turn it off at night and open the windows when I can. Otherwise a fan in the bedroom is all I need. Stay cool. and wear a mask when you go out xo

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Monday, July 27, 2020

Gorgeous Yellow Flower

What an amazing flower and a spectacular photo too. via

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Yard Goals: Mowed Path

This wide mowed path is quite wonderful. It probably wasn't always flanked by tall grasses left to go wild but it transitioned perfectly. The old house is charming too. Enjoy your Sunday and picture me hiding in my my cottage with the air conditioning running with three days of temps in the 90s coming up. Stay cool. xo

Friday, July 24, 2020

Extraordinary Curb Appeal

This is absolute perfection. I especially love the diamond walkway leading up to this beautiful home. via A larger view of this home is on Melissa Penfold's Instagram.

Middleburg VA Renovation

Just wonderful. via

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Cultivated Wild Landscaping in Napa

I loved reading the article about this Architectural Landscaping couple who got stuck at their vacation home during quarantine and totally revamped the outside with cultivated wildness. It looks fabulous and the poppies growing in the cracks are right up my alley. Followed by hollyhocks! What could be better? Read the entire article here. Enjoy! xo

Blue Bermuda Shutters

While we are on the subject of Bermuda shutters, I thought you might like to see another example. This one is wonderful. It must have been a challenge to get the paint color to match the pool water exactly! Stay cool. xo

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Random Photos Around My Cottage

Red Poppy 
This poppy is one of the last due to the heatwave we've been having. The seed pods are still working hard though to produce seeds for next year.

I beat the birds one morning this week in order to have freshly picked raspberries on my morning yogurt.

Here is a portrait view of one of my wild raspberry bushes.

The bees and other pollinators are really enjoying my pink swamp milkweed flowers. Later the monarch butterflies will lay their eggs on the leaves as food for the caterpillars.

I have been busy indoors during this current heatwave but just had to open all the windows and enjoy listening to the birds this morning. I can only stand to be sealed up with the air condition turned on for so long. We had rain overnight and it was pleasantly cool when I got up early. I know I will have to close everything up later as it is supposed to be 91° later. Stay cool and be save. xo

Monday, July 20, 2020

Cottage with Pool

via This looks like a delightful place to cool off in this heatwave. xo

Pool House with Bermuda Shutters

I adore this bungalow with a delightful pool house. The full-window Bermuda shutters are perfect here and they provide shade, airflow, and privacy. The clerestory windows are another architectural detail that make this compound so special. The understated mature landscaping is wonderful and so is the swimming pool. I love this little gem!

Sunday, July 19, 2020

William Morris Wallpaper in Green

What a beautiful all-over floral design in green and white. William Morris hand-blocked wallpaper is always lovely, isn't it?

I enjoyed this YouTube video about William Morris. Click here if you cannot see video above.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Inspiring Country Garden

This wonderful country garden is certainly maximizing the space with only a little lawn for a path between the raised beds. The teepee trellis made from branches is wonderful too. Have a happy gardening weekend and I'll see you later. xo

Friday, July 17, 2020

Never Too Old to Garden

This wonderful gardener's outfit reminds me of my mother in so many ways. She always wore jumpers and she never lost her love of digging in the garden. I take after her in many ways, preferring to do things myself rather than hire someone. My two-day mowing marathon this week is a good example. I honestly thought I had waited too long between mowings and wouldn't be able to handle the growth with my walk-behind mulching mower. I considered calling someone for help but decided to try a couple of rows myself first and found it to be pretty easy and the rest is history. I'm looking forward to a lazy day today as my reward with some Acorn TV. It has already spritzed rain several times and the sky is gloomy but I am cheerful. Cheers! [Update: I wrote the text for this post this morning and after lunch the sun came out and I was able to work outside on some weeding projects.] xo

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Classic Low Country Cottage

This is wonderful, isn't it? I have always loved low country cottages and this one is extra special. I finished my mowing today and it was a perfect day. The humidity was low and it wasn't too hot. There was a nice breeze, the kind you can feel blowing through your hair. I loved it. I had my central air surviced on Tuesday and turned it on for the first time this year. I got the house nice and cool just in time to turn it off and open all the windows again. I am a happy camper! xo

Trellis Love

via This is a clever way to train your wisteria to surround your entrance and keep it off the clapboards. It's lovely! I need to cut mine back because it's going wild and is quite happy with all the downpours we've been having. I did some intense mowing yesterday and plan to repeat the process today before the dark clouds overhead open up again. xo