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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

My Jointed Harlequin Clown Pull Toy

Here he is in action. It wasn't easy taking this photo with one hand while pulling the string with the other.

Still view. His head and hat are hand-carved wood. The body parts are jointed metal and everything is hand-painted. I have had him for ages and got him at a house contents sale (on the second day) in a condo that was for sale and under contract nearby. He was mixed up in a pile of kitchen utensils and I was surprised nobody had grabbed him. Lucky me.

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Geometric Shapes in My Morning Sky

View out my kitchen window early this morning. I walked past my closed Roman blinds in the living room and didn't see this amazing view until I reached the kitchen sink. I immediately went outside to get a larger view. 

One orange cloud looks like a bird in flight. The long streaks are like strokes of a pen or paint brush. The sun was rising and it was very beautiful. I ate the last two slices of a cantaloupe to celebrate the orangishness of my morning.

Happy Tuesday morning. Hope you have a great day.

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Cold Weather Walk

Nothing earth shattering here. I walked around my property a couple of times on a single digit day and took off my mitten to take this photo. There's not much color around but I liked the slight movement going on with the vines and leaves in this photo. They are moving but the background is not. It's much warmer now and I'm grateful. I'm looking forward to Episode 5 of the three PBS programs I will be watching tonight. Enjoy your Sunday evening too.

Saturday, February 4, 2023


FABLES Written & Illustrated by Arnold Lobel 1980
I found a great on-line biography of this author written by his daughter Adrianne Lobel with a delightful YouTube video about an unpublished work by her father that she illustrated and published. click link to read

text from the second photo
King Lion looked in the mirror. "What a beautiful and noble creature I am," he said. "I will go forth to show my devoted subjects that their leader is every inch a king!" The King put on his robes of state, his large jeweled crown, and all of his gold and silver medals. As he walked down the roads of his kingdom, everyone who saw him bowed to the ground. "Yes, yes," said King Lion, "I deserve this respect from my people, for truly I am every inch a king!" There was a tiny Beetle standing near the road. When the King saw him, he cried, "Beetle, I command you to bow low before me!" "Your Royal Majesty," said the Beetle, "I know that I am small, but if you look at me closely, you will see that I am making a bow." The King leaned over. "Beetle," he said, "you are so hard to see down there. I am still not sure that you are bowing." "Your Majesty, said the Beetle, "please look more closely. I assure you that I am indeed bowing." The King leaned over a little farther. Now the robes of state, the large jeweled crown, and all of the gold and silver medals had made King Lion very top-heavy. Suddenly he lost his balance and fell on his head. With a great roar, he rolled into a ditch at the side of the road. The frightened Beetle scurried away. From head to foot, every inch of King Lion was covered with wet mud. 
It is the high and mighty who have the longest distance to fall.

Have a great weekend.

Friday, February 3, 2023

FABLE: The Ducks and The Fox

At times, a change of routine can be most helpful.

Written & Illustrated by Arnold Lobel

Have a great weekend

I figured out how to copy text from a photo in case you are having trouble reading the photo. Let me know if this helps.

 Two Duck sisters were waddling down the road to the pond for their morning Swim. "This is a good road," said the first sister, "but I think, just for a change, we should find another route. 'There are many other roads that lead to the pond." "No," said the second sister, "I do not agree. I really do not want to try a new way. 'This road makes me feel comfortable. I am accustomed to it." One morning the Ducks met a Fox sitting on a fence along the road. "Good morning, ladies," said the Fox. "On your way to the pond, I suppose?" "Oh, yes," said the sisters, "we come along here every day." "Interesting, said the Fox with a toothy smile. When the sun came up the next morning, the first sister said, "We are sure to meet that Fox again if we go our usual way. I did not like his looks. Today is the day that we must find another road!" "You are being just plain silly," " said the second sister. "That Fox smiled at us. He seemed most gentlemanly." The two Ducks waddled down the same road to the pond. There was the Fox, sitting on the fence. This time he carried a sack. "Lovely ladies," ' said the Fox, "I was expecting you. I am glad that you have not disappointed me." Opening his sack, he jumped upon them. The sisters quacked and screamed. They flapped and flopped their wings. They flew home and bolted their door. The next morning, the two Ducks did not go out. They rested at home to quiet their nerves. On the following day they carefully searched for a new and different road. They found one, and it took them safely to the pond. 
At times, a change of routine can be most healthful