Thursday, May 9, 2024

Three Indoor Painted Tin Planters Thrifted for My Cottage

Painted and decorated tin planter #1 sits on top of my tin box on stand looking out my living room window. Could the fit be more perfect? I had to bring geraniums indoors again so I could enjoy the planter box right away. All of my blooming geraniums have been planted in outside urns and they look stunning.

Here's #2 (one of a pair). This one is residing on the left side of my sofa flanking my French doors that look out on my rear yard.

The mate #3 is on the right side of the sofa. All three are very French and two are pretty fancy but I think they look nice in my cottage and they cover my clay pots for a new look. They have liners so they won't leak water on the furniture. I filled them with gravel to elevate the pots.

Now you can see the whole arrangement in one photo. I hadn't planned on having any plants inside but then what would I have done with the planters? I couldn't possibly wait until cold weather! My new real estate office is near my favorite charity shop and we have office meetings every 2 weeks. I'm thrilled because it used to be a special trip to shop there and now I can go twice a month. 

Now that my geraniums are all planted in their summer homes I can concentrate on cutting my grass. I did part of the back but the front looks like a jungle. I have this problem every year. I should have started earlier but I didn't. But it always gets done eventually. I will post outside photos of the blooming geraniums soon. xo

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Another Fable: The Hen and the Apple Tree

Indeed, It is always difficult to pose as something that one is not!


I went to an Open House today for Realtors Only not far from my house and I was entranced by all the fabulous antique furnishings in a modern mid-century house on a large lovely property. I loved EVERYTHING. 

I can't remember when I have seen any antique chalkware animals and was thrilled to see a cabinet full of them today. It's spring and there are open houses to attend on Tuesdays and Thursdays and public ones on the weekends. Happy times for me as you can well imagine.

Goodbye April and Hello May. Enjoy getting your gardens ready. xo

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

New Picture Arrangement in My Living Room


It has been pouring rain for the last 2 days so I thought I would show you my back wall. The botanical print of a Jack in the Pulpit wildflower in top center is a rather new purchase and I like it there. I had a very large framed antique map there shown in my last photo. It had been there for 20 years and I thought it was time for a change to show more of my paneled wall.

The small oil painting underneath was taken from another room.

Closer view of both artworks.

This is an old photo showing the antique map. The new botanical is hanging on the same picture hook if I ever want to put it back. I don't think I ever will though because I like showcasing my custom woodwork. The first two photos were taken with a newer iPhone camera and the wall color is truer. This older iPhone photo has more of a green tinge. My woodwork is painted with Benjamin Moore Bennington Gray and it's a true putty color. 

April Showers are right on time this. I'm so glad Easter Sunday was a beautiful day and I hope you all enjoyed the day whether or not you celebrated. XO

Saturday, March 30, 2024

🐰Happy Easter🐰 plus My Bunny Lamp

Aren't these Easter cupcakes lovely?

Guess who designed these? Yes, Martha Stewart!

Hopping down the Bunny Trail.

See more of my Easter Posts over the years since 2008 HERE.

H A P P Y   E A S T E R   2024

I have been meaning to show you a lamp I thrifted recently.

The bunny is ceramic with a crackle glaze on a wooden base. I put the lamp that came with the perfect shade in my downstairs full bath with the walk-in shower. I love him, don't you? I am open to anything and everything when I go to my favorite charity and thrift shops. I never know what I will be worthy of coming home with me.🐰

Monday, March 25, 2024


Do you agree? I wasn't kidding, was I?

Isn't this the perfect location for this delightful bench?

This would have been a good location for the lover's bench but the the owner's armillary had already claimed the spot. Realtors get to see the best things in the best houses, don't they? The house has been claimed for some very lucky buyers. 

Enjoy the week leading up to Easter if you celebrate.xo

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Waste Not! Want Not!

I always save empty glass cosmetic jars for buttons and small notions in my sewing room. I was amazed that I could almost completely fill this one with the unreachable product in the bottom of my lotion bottle. I used a box cutter this time to cut the bottle and it worked perfectly. I have to say I was really amazed there was this much lotion left. I usually drain the almost empty bottle upside down on top of a full bottle. Most people just give up and look how much they are throwing away😱. Yes, it's shocking.

I finished my taxes and it feels good. I have caught up on my sleep after Daylight Saving Time went into effect on Sunday. I am doing a little Spring Cleaning each day and the weather has been very nice! See you again soon. xo

Monday, February 26, 2024

400 Year Old Cat Door in Exeter Cathedral, Oldest Known

This is one of the best articles from Nice News

It's still very much in use for the occasional rodent. The clock in this room was originally lubricated with lard which attracted mice and rats. It's thought the nursery rhyme Hickory, Dickory, Dock was written about this Astronomical clock that is still in operation. Installed in 1598 by Bishop William Cotton who was appointed by Queen Elizabeth I, "Paid ye carpenters 8 pence for cutting ye hole in ye north transept door for ye Bishop’s cat." Don't you love Olde English? 

all images by Getty images
Here's the link again to read the article if you didn't click after the first photo. Enjoy. I subscribe to Nice News and you might want to as well. It's free and there's always something nice to read each day. xo

Saturday, February 17, 2024

More Snow on Saturday + Petsitting + Movie Review

It snowed again last night but it was all light fluffy powder instead of the heavy wet type a few days ago. I am pet sitting again for neighbors and Henry was a trooper when we went out when he was ready around 7am. 

 This is the spot he chose for himself on Friday night. I put the little bed that fits in his carrier under him. I like dogs on furniture but not on my furniture 🐾🐾😉 if you know what I mean.

His furry legs were covered in small snowballs that were hard to get off. Next time we go out I will use the hairdryer to melt them. Luckily I had a big towel handy what was recently used to clean up some spilled coffee. I keep one handy on the back of my door to the basement and it's easy to grab in an emergency. The sun is out and the thermometer is above freezing and my car is almost totally melted so I can get out easily if I had to but I don't.

I just watched a great movie on Hulu -- THE LOST KING with Sally Hawkins about the lost grave of King Richard III. It was wonderful and I loved it. It's the perfect movie for the long Presidents' Day weekend. Enjoy!

I liked the way the sun was shining through the geranium leaves in today's last photo. Have a great weekend. xo