Wednesday, May 31, 2023

My Happy Place Behind the Barn

This is what is hidden from view behind my garage/barn. This is where my compost bin lives (not shown) and where I do my repotting. The zinc container with the garbage can lid on top is full of potting soil and various gardening tools. As you can see, I am way behind with my mowing but I will eventually catch up. Can you believe this is the last day of May? Where did it go? It was unusually cool and very busy for me but it has calmed down a bit going into June and summer. xo

 My peonies all i bloom -- Pink, White, and Red.
Click photo to enlarge.
This photo is stunning when enlarged on a computer.
So happy.

Sunday, May 28, 2023

First Peonies of The Season

The ant 🐜 is a bonus. They are supposed to be good for the peonies as they eat the sticky nectar which helps them open.

My busy days in real estate have slowed down because the house is under contract for a June 21 closing. Will keep you posted.

Now I am busy with mowing and more mowing. Most of my pots are planted in the front garden and on my balcony. May has been exceptionally cool and I have enjoyed it. Have a great Memorial Day tomorrow. xo

A red one is opening this morning.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Bluebirds Galore and a Boss Baby

Proud Father.

Father, trying to teach baby everything.
Baby is on railing to the right,

Boss Baby, trying to bluebird.
Isn't he adorable? I love him💙

Buttercups, my favorite wildflowers (right now) outside my front door.

It's supposed to get quite cold tonight but I am not going to cover my geraniums. I think they will be fine, fingers crossed.

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Disturbed a House Wren Nest by Accident

There was a house wren's nest full of her clutch in this hen planter. This photo is after I put it back along with all the dead plants that I scooped up without knowing there was a nest.

I had my hands full and wanted to dump the soil near my parked car where I planted a Buttonwood Bush seedling my town gave out on Earth Day. I got 4 rooted cuttings of this native plant that is attractive to pollinators and butterflies.

When I bent down to spread the soil I noticed some movement and look closely and saw a pile of young wrens. There must have 6 or 7. The mother took them back with no problem but she made them fledge today.

Here is a photo of the empty nest. That was my excitement for the last couple of day. Tomorrow I will show you my overwintered geraniums that are looking so pretty on my balcony. xo

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

News from the Nest

I am thrilled to report I have a pair of blue birds building a nest in this box. This is an old photo but it's mine.

Another old bluebird photo of mine. I need to put up this box somewhere.

An illustrated quote I made but it's not my photo.

More good news -- Mother Robin is back in her old corner. I'm sure there must be eggs by now but I haven't looked. I was worried she wouldn't return since all of her old nests were removed when my deck was power washed last summer. Robin nests are very messy and just thrown together  and held in place with some mud. 

She couldn't decide what cubicle she wanted so she tried several before deciding on the second from the right. See all the dried grasses hanging down? I worked on pruning the boxwood in back of my barn/garage cutting back dead wood and clipping with my shears. They look so much bette and I left lots of little sticks on the ground for the birds in case they want easy pickings for nest materials. I've been busy away from home and had an office meeting this morning. There was another one after lunch but I stayed home and worked outside instead. xo

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

New Listing or Why I've Been Busy

Just posted on Instagram Tuesday 6:45pm

The owner took this photo and I love it.

The cherry tree wasn't as pretty when I took this photo.

The owner took this photo too.
We already have appointments lined up and the first showing isn't until Friday. It has been a whirlwind but it's up and running.
See you later. xo

Monday, May 1, 2023

Welcome May (and the Sun)

Maybe I can put my geraniums out this week and turn off my heat. Sorry I have been absent but have been working on a listing and helping client get ready. All of my neighbors (except one) have already cut their grass twice and I haven't even started thinking about mine. Today the sun out after days and days of rain and it's glorious.

Happy May Day! This is my view on Monday morning outside my living room window looking out across the street to my neighbors barn/garage. xo

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Walking to Dinner Out Yesterday Evening

A realtor friend invited me and another friend to join her for an early dinner yesterday evening at 6pm. This is a quick photo of the approach to Jockey Hollow Bar and Kitchen in Morristown NJ. It was a lovely evening and fun walking around town a little beforehand. I found a parking spot right away as I'm always early and I picked up my friend who doesn't like to drive at night. We celebrated the sale of her house and still got home early. I have toured many of the upscale apartments here over the years but had never been to the restaurant. 

Located at 110 South St. in Morristown, N.J., the Vail Mansion was built by the first president and chairman of AT & T, Theodore Vail. The first floor of the mansion was originally designed to house Mr. Vail´s collection of art and family inventions, while the second floor was to be his living quarters.

A project architect designed and supervised the restoration of this 1918 Palladian building as part of an adaptive reuse project. The upscale condominiums are beautiful with many amenities.