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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter 2010

I love the image on this vintage Easter postcard. It reminds me of my early years when every single thing I put on to wear to church on Easter Sunday was brand new and sewed with love by my mother. When did she have the time? She made my brother's clothes too as well as her own. She and I always wore white cloves. So much has changed, hasn't it? We have more free time but we get less done. Happy Easter everyone. It's a beautiful day here at the cottage and there's a ham in the oven. Yum.

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Knitted Easter Chicks + Bunny Finger Puppets

Have you ever seen anything cuter than these knitted Easter chicks and eggs?

These bunny finger puppets would be fun to find in your Easter basket, wouldn't they? Pattern + directions here. Hoppy Easter!

Images from The Purl Bee

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Vintage Easter Postcards . . .

These vintage Easter postcards brought back fond childhood memories. I always got several in the mail each year from out of town relatives. Now we send eCards.

This one is my favorite! Which is yours?

My mother used to make new outfits for me (and my brother) until I got old enough to sew my own. After that I can remember being up late the night before putting the finishing touches on my creation and being somewhat sleepy in church on Easter Sunday. I was an expert seamstress from a young age and my clothes never looked homemade. I don't sew much now but I sometimes dream about it. Have a wonderful Good Friday and a great Easter (and Passover) weekend. The weather is supposed to be nice here. ♥Rosemary

flickr images

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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Vintage Easter Attire

This vintage Easter postcard perfectly illustrates the Easter Sundays of my childhood. My brother and I always had new outfits, head to toe. My dear mother probably made my dress and if the weather was cold enough to have to wear a coat to cover it up, I was heartbroken. When my brother was young, she made a lot of his clothes too. I can remember one year when he refused to wear the suit she made him because she made the buttons go on the "girl" side. He was positive everyone would notice this detail and make fun of him. In later years, I can remember putting the finishing touches on the outfits I made myself, usually just under the wire, time wise. My mother was always available to help pin up the hem at the end.
Are you planning an Easter Egg hunt for the children in your lives? The weather here is going to be perfect. xo

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Blessings

Have a ducky day.

Remembering my dear Mother shown here on Easter Sunday, 2012. She's one of the angels now and I miss her every day but she continues to live in my heart. I found this photo when I was scrolling through some of my old Easter posts here.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Bunny Pancakes

This is such a great idea. via
You don't need any instructions either. This Easter breakfast looks delicious and easy.
Have a very Happy Easter. xo

Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Mom, Easter 2012

It is hard to believe my beautiful mother is no longer with me. She looked so beautiful a year ago and 8 months later she was gone. I miss her every day. We all miss you here at the cottage, Anna. This morning Tabitha made a rare visit to my bed in the wee small hours before dawn instead of meowing to be fed and let out. She was my mother's cat and I think she was missing her too. Webster and Tabitha always go with me when I go downstairs to do laundry and they always hope she will magically appear in her home on the lower lever. But she's never there so we don't stay long. I really need to start dealing with her things but I'm waiting for the nice weather so I can open all the windows and doors and sort things outside. I'm still peaceful about her passing but that doesn't stop me from missing her. 
I've been busy in the kitchen making two dishes to take to Easter Ham Dinner with friends this afternoon. I am making my old standby (cranberry holiday salad from a book called 'Favorite Recipes from Quilters') and something new, a baked pineapple casserole that sounds delicious. I'll let you know. Have a Happy Easter Day! xo

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Greetings

Isn't this how the pyramids were built? Those two bunnies are very smart, knowing exactly how to move a giant egg. Happy Easter! via

Don't even think about getting close to the Easter chick. It's MINE to love and protect. Look closely, baby chick is under cat's nose. Found on Google images.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Before Easter

I think I'm rested now for a full afternoon of real estate showings. This little rabbit is not sick, but trying to catch all the naps he can for next week. It will be the busiest time of the year for the Easter Bunny. I hope it's warmer than today. I was always so disappointed when I had to wear my winter coat over my new Easter dress when I was a child.

first photo: Twig Hutchinson, Stylist

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday + a few photos . . .

I took an early morning walk with my sweetheart (Webster) and it it was pretty chilly. The water in the birdbath was frozen and my hands were cold. The daffodils are blooming and the native barberry bushes are getting green. The skunk cabbage is getting tall too. Some of the trees are starting to bud and some are not. It's still pretty gray out there.

Have a great Easter whatever you do. I am going to put my ham in the oven as soon as I have another cup of hot coffee. Has anyone else heard the weatherman say that Easter is colder than Christmas? I'm trying to think back to what I wore when I went out to deliver some gifts to nearby friends and I'm remembering needlepoint shoes with no maybe he's right!

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Saturday, March 30, 2024

🐰Happy Easter🐰 plus My Bunny Lamp

Aren't these Easter cupcakes lovely?

Guess who designed these? Yes, Martha Stewart!

Hopping down the Bunny Trail.

See more of my Easter Posts over the years since 2008 HERE.

H A P P Y   E A S T E R   2024

I have been meaning to show you a lamp I thrifted recently.

The bunny is ceramic with a crackle glaze on a wooden base. I put the lamp that came with the perfect shade in my downstairs full bath with the walk-in shower. I love him, don't you? I am open to anything and everything when I go to my favorite charity and thrift shops. I never know what I will be worthy of coming home with me.🐰

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Waiting for Easter Brunch

My mother always looks as if she just stepped out of a band box polished shoes and all. I wear most of my clothes rough dried :)

We were waiting for the phone to ring on Easter Sunday. Our friends invited us to their lovely Easter brunch and it was delicious. My mom is legally blind but still manages to look great. She is an inspiration at 91 years of age. She doesn't dye her hair either. I think she looks amazing!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Serving the Easter Eggs

Happy Easter everyone. I always look for vintage images and this is an old Easter postcard I've never seen before. It's a beautiful day here at the cottage and hopefully at your house too. via

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Needle Felted Easter Rabbit

I think this needle felted Easter rabbit is so beautiful. Isn't his coat simply fabulous? Created by Di Summit. Wishing a Happy Easter to one and all.