Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday + a few photos . . .

I took an early morning walk with my sweetheart (Webster) and it it was pretty chilly. The water in the birdbath was frozen and my hands were cold. The daffodils are blooming and the native barberry bushes are getting green. The skunk cabbage is getting tall too. Some of the trees are starting to bud and some are not. It's still pretty gray out there.

Have a great Easter whatever you do. I am going to put my ham in the oven as soon as I have another cup of hot coffee. Has anyone else heard the weatherman say that Easter is colder than Christmas? I'm trying to think back to what I wore when I went out to deliver some gifts to nearby friends and I'm remembering needlepoint shoes with no maybe he's right!

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Tracy Watier said...

Happy Easter to you too, Rosemary!
It's bright and sunny here in So Cal - my neighbor across the street is washing his car at 8:30am! - but it has been chilly and drizzly/rainy the past few days.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.