Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wonderful Bookshop Sign

You see the nicest signs in used bookshops, don't you? This is the Paradox Bookstore (please click on the link and read) 2228 Market Street in Wheeling West Virginia.

Missing Socks

This made me smile :)

Is this a

bed in the office or an office in the bedroom? I could never have my office in my bedroom because it would make me do paperwork in my sleep. I wouldn't mind having a bed in my office though :)

I love the room with its beautiful windows and I love drafting table desks and flat files. 

Busy day for me today. I have to do an open house at my listing after my office meeting. I put the signs out last night so I am a little ahead of the game. See you later.

Monday, August 8, 2011

A Bed by the Window

My virtual bedroom for tonight. I love the deep windowsill that serves as an extra bedside table. Wouldn't it be fun to wake up and see a water view the very minute you opened your eyes?

A Seaside House

A beautiful house by the sea at dusk with the lights on inside. I love the many places to look out at the surroundings. I think I'd like to be in the gazebo room on the third level rather than the widow's walk. I'd feel safer there...you know me and my fear of heights. The a/c is on full blast in my house as of about an hour ago. It's so hot outside.

Most Beautiful Poolhouse EVER

Seriously, this is the most beautiful poolhouse I've ever seen. It's one of the few that might actually be used after the pool is closed. I love this use for a conservatory. The interior looks wonderful. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Cottage | Entrance After Weeding

My cottage from front driveway. There is a small room to the left that sits back with a white picket fence that doesn't show in this photo.

The area that is down to the dirt was a tangled mess of weeds, crabgrass, forget-me-nots gone to seed, buttercups, variegated pineapple mint and who knows what else. Note to self: pull up the forgetmenots next spring immediately after they begin to look like weeds. I usually do this but this year I did not and they had turned into wire mesh hairnets. I'll definitely have an unwanted bumper crop next year.

I wish it would stay just like this but I can see that the buttercups are already coming right back. They like to play hopscotch and see how fast they can take over an area where they are unwanted.

I haven't tackled around the bend yet. These weeds come up very easily so I will do that area when I clip the boxwood.

This is the only thing I like. I bought 4 small plants of this ground cover at a garden club plant sale around Mothers Day. It has spread wonderfully and I only wish I'd bought more. It's more like a turf that weeds can't permeate. I've weeded so much there is hardly any soil left and it is a step down. This is nice when there is snow on the walk. I can just push it aside.

Here is the plant marker I saved for the Laurentia. It was covered with the sweetest little lilac flowers in May, June and July. Only a few remain. I'm going to look for more locally or order some from this place next spring.

Vintage Royalty - England

Don't you love the old photos?

Lazy Sunday Morning

This adorable photo should get your Sunday morning off to a happy start. It rained all night here at the cottage and it's still very overcast and we'll probably get more. I woke up this morning planning my nap. I think I'll take my cue from the bulldog and the kitten and have it on the sofa later this afternoon. Enjoy your Sunday.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Lovely Urban Garden

Small is the new big. Isn't this garden in the city beautiful?

Red Poppies

So very beautiful. Poppies are my favorite flowers.

Big Ben

I thought this was a fabulous photo of Big Ben and a very unusual perspective. My day at the cottage feels very London-like. Overcast, cool and breezy. A perfect day for working outdoors. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Twig Bed on A Sleeping Porch

This looks heavenly to me. A twig tester bed outfitted with a Hudson's Bay point blanket and pillows on a sleeping porch. I've chosen this room as my virtual bedroom for the whole weekend. Hope you have a great one too. I know I will.

Living Simply

Are you currently enjoying a simpler life or do you yearn for one?

Chintz Love

The world just looks better when viewed between vintage chintz draperies with roses, doesn't it?

Green Shutters in France

Pink and green at its best.
Happy Friday -- get ready for the weekend.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Open Air Home Office

Don't you absolutely love this open air home office? Can you see this in your future? It's beyond charming in my book. image

Bluebird Convention

Thirsty bluebirds in winter by Danny Brown via Pixdaus

The Library at Chateau du Lude in France

Chateau du Lude, the library. (Loire Valley France)

Château or Castle du Lude

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Spectacular Field in Wiltshire England

Marlborough Downs Wiltshire England by ©William Cousins

Kindred Spirits

Seeing Double

The summer seems to be getting away from me faster than I would like. I still have many unfinished outdoor projects to complete before the leaves start to fall. I sort of ran out of steam physically with my weeding project but can feel my strength returning so I will definitely finish this week. I can only push myself so hard :) 

I got a flat tire in my driveway on Friday that came out of nowhere and took me by complete surprise. Thank goodness for AAA and a full-size spare. The flat could't be repaired because the hole was in the side of the tire. I'm using a new garage that I am so happy with and is so much easier on my wallet than my former one. Sometimes you just know when you've made a good decision and this is one of those times.

I'm enjoying my first cup of coffee sitting next to an open window. It's so much cooler than it was yesterday and promises to be a great day. See you later.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Union Jack Backsplash

This is something you might love if you've got a Union Jack theme going on in your kitchen. 

Outside Sliding Barn Door in Red

Charming, isn't it? I would dearly love to look inside, wouldn't you?

George Washington's View on The Debt Ceiling

Hello Washington, it's George. Is anybody listening?

Virtual Vacation on Old Cape Cod

Today your going on a delightful virtual vacation. Click the link for a Cape Cod Slideshow. All photos by ©Rosiecheeks

Monday, August 1, 2011

Outdoor Shower Locations

Which location would you choose for your outside shower?

Near the house enclosed by a privacy fence?

Near the clothesline out in the open?
image #2 image #1

Country Kitchen in Your Vacation Home

or your everyday home.
Either way, I love this casual kitchen, don't you?

Briefcase Owned by F. Scott Fitzgerald

F. Scott Fitzgerald's Briefcase

The monogram reads:

"Scott Fitzgerald
597 - 5th Ave.
New York"

The address is not Fitzgerald's but that of his publisher, Charles Scribner's Sons.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wait Your Turn

This has never worked and never will. Single file please, one at a time. 

Nap Time

Isn't this the perfect place for my virtual afternoon nap? I might actually take one to rest up for some sundown weeding. It's too hot right now and the area that needs my attention is in full sun. 

Simple No Knead Olive Oil Pizza Dough Recipe

From Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day

Makes four (4) one-pound loaves. (This recipe can easily be doubled or halved.)

2-3/4 cups lukewarm water
1-1/2 tablespoon granulated yeast (2 packets)
1-1/2 tablespoons Kosher salt
1 tablespoon sugar
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
6-1/2 cups unbleached all-purpose flour

1. In the bowl of your stand mixer fitted with the dough hook attachment, or in a large (5 quart) bowl working with a wooden spoon, mix the yeast, salt, sugar, and olive oil with the water.
2. Mix in the flour without kneading. I found this process to be incredible simple with my stand mixer, but it will certainly come together the old fashioned way. If you are not using a machine, you may need to wet your hands in order to incorporate the bit of flour.
2. Transfer dough to large (5 quart) bowl or lidded food container. Cover (not airtight), and allow to rest at room temperature until dough rises and collapses (or flattens on top), approximately 2 hours.
3. The dough can be used immediately after the initial rise, though it is easier to handle when cold. Refrigerate in a lidded (not airtight) container and use over the next 12 days.

I really want to try this easy recipe. I will halve it the first time around.

Life's Little Instruction Book | Volume II, pages 42 and 43

Two good pages from our favorite father to son instruction manual.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Easy Chair and Ottoman Slipcovered in Ticking

I adore this chair and ottoman and the slipcovers. What a cozy place to rest your weary bones. Perfect for Sunday mornings and a big fat newspaper too. Enjoy what's left of your weekend depending on your timezone.

Devour These Things

I love this.

Smooth Sailing This Weekend

I'd like to see the rest of this house, wouldn't you. What I can see is very nice.

My Wish For You

Getting to wake up in a wonderful vacation bedroom.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Goodnight Everyone, See You In The Morning

Isn't this a beautiful photograph? It's called Autumn Sunrise by Gary McParland. Have a great weekend.

Beautiful Georgian Manor House

The day I planned for myself did not turn out to be a reality. For some reason I pulled one weed after I took Webster for his morning walk and I honestly haven't stopped since. I am drenched to the skin and I'm going right back out there to commune with the crabgrass after I drink a pitcher of ice water and rest for a tiny bit. I have moved mountains and it's looking so much better which makes me very happy. I hope to have the front presentable by Monday. 

Why is it that some days you can just do things that you couldn't the day before? The spirit has to move me or I am a very unhappy camper. It has to be MY idea too. Wish me luck.

My place will never be like the mansion pictured above. I'm sure those people have a staff of gardeners and grounds keepers. I am a staff of one.

Have a great weekend.

Home Office Love

Bring on the bills because nothing could put me in a bad mood in this wonderful home office.