Friday, July 29, 2011

Beautiful Georgian Manor House

The day I planned for myself did not turn out to be a reality. For some reason I pulled one weed after I took Webster for his morning walk and I honestly haven't stopped since. I am drenched to the skin and I'm going right back out there to commune with the crabgrass after I drink a pitcher of ice water and rest for a tiny bit. I have moved mountains and it's looking so much better which makes me very happy. I hope to have the front presentable by Monday. 

Why is it that some days you can just do things that you couldn't the day before? The spirit has to move me or I am a very unhappy camper. It has to be MY idea too. Wish me luck.

My place will never be like the mansion pictured above. I'm sure those people have a staff of gardeners and grounds keepers. I am a staff of one.

Have a great weekend.


Sue said...

I'm the same way--2 days ago I was digging some new beds, and did a lot of projects I've put off. And today? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And it was quite nice too!
Have a great weekend. And don't over-do........

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the truth.

Your work is a labor of love. The perfect home is handled by staff. Need I say more?


LANA said...

I get so lazy when it is hot out. But I have invited a bunch of family out for a get-together a week from Sunday so it is forcing me to finish (that includes weeding the crabgrass, too) all those leftover little jobs. Thank goodness for cold iced tea (and I don't mean decaf)! Lana