Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DIY Book Lover's Library in France

Wow. This is every book collector's dream. It's a French Country House Library constructed from 60 Billy / Benno Bookcases from Ikea. How wonderful. Lots of pictures and text showing the project start to finish with instructions HERE. View a slideshow on Flickr with really large photos here. I'm impressed, aren't you?


Bonnie said...

You know I am now having a case of library envy, right? If I had that gallery, I would sit in the chair and only get up to reshelve a book and take out another.

TheSimpleLife@GnomeHollow said...

I love how the shelves even go over the doors, and that cozy chair and table in the middle of the hall just make it absolute perfection.

Anonymous said...

I thought you might enjoy seeing our library in our small historical town in Hudson, Ohio. This is one of the reasons I stay in an area with such long, cold winters. You walk in and your spirits lift!


Anonymous said...

I've been wondering whether I could use Billy Ikea shelves all across one long wall of our dining room. This makes me think it could work.

maria horvath said...

Oh, what a beautiful home library!

As I sit here at the computer in my study I am surrounded by 8 of these Billy bookcases from Ikea. They are remarkable. I bought them almost 30 years ago in Toronto, and 10 years later took them all apart when I moved to the States. They are still almost as good as new.

Each shelf holds a double layer of books: when you pull out a book you find another book behind it.

The solution: less reading, a larger house, fewer books, or a change in attitude. So now I think of the public libraries as an extension of my study and depend on their book collections. "Borrow before buying" is my motto.