Saturday, April 23, 2011

Vintage Easter Greetings

Wishing you an old-fashioned Eastertide
I was thrilled to find this fabulous vintage Easter Die Cut to share with you. Nothing modern can compare with old German scrap. This one is especially charming. I hope your table is as lovely as the one the Easter bunny has set up under an awning. Be careful not to break any eggs. ©Suzee Que

Lavender Fields Forever

Inhale deeply. Smells wonderful, doesn't it? * Happy Easter.

Doctor Who Party Recipes and More!

I'm excited about tonight's 'DOCTOR WHO' Season 6 premier on BBC America. Wouldn't it be fun to watch while eating Mini Chocolate Dalek Cakes? There are lots of other show-related recipes here. Click around this site to watch trailers, download wallpapers, and lots of other cool things. I can hear that music in my head right now. Enjoy.

Arranging Flowers Outside + A Swan Family

My peonies are starting to come up and their red shoots are about 6 inches out of the ground. My lone hydrangea is budding but it will be months before I can cut any flowers. It is raining pretty hard here at the cottage and everything is gray except for the bright green grass. The wild violets that always come up and bloom before the first mowing are very plentiful and so sweet with their little pansy-like faces. *

Enjoy the weekend with friends and family plus a generous sprinkling of animals too. *

Friday, April 22, 2011

Wonderful Stone Cottage with Climbing Roses

Wouldn't this be a great place to have an Easter Egg Hunt? I love this stone cottage with the door and window on the gable end leaving lots of room for the roses to climb. I don't know where it's located but I'd love to be there right now. Have a lovely weekend. *

Funny Bunny Folds--How to Make Bunny Napkins from Good Housekeeping with real picture instructions.

Disney To Celebrate Earth Day 2012 with 'Chimpanzee'

This upcoming Disney film has a real story to it – focusing on a baby chimp named Oscar who becomes orphaned and raised by another. The entire thing seems so incredibly scripted that it’s really hard to believe the cameras were just there at the right time, right place. I can't believe we have to wait one whole year to see this heartwarming film; expect the opening weekend to be a huge fundraiser for some chimp-focused conservation organization. found at Ecorazzi

HOW TO: Celebrate Earth Day Online

Horse Trough Garden and Bathtub/Shower

There is a wonderful article at MaryJane'sFarm about gardening in galvanized horse troughs.

I've been saving this image forever and can't remember the source. I love this bathtub with overhead shower made from a horse trough. What a great economical idea for a rustic bathroom in a vacation home, beach house or cabin. You can wash up in here after setting up all of your horse trough planters outside. 

Happy Easter from Beatrix Potter

Hop on over to Peter Rabbit dot com to play some Easter Games and explore the World of Beatrix Potter.

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and . . .

I thought this was a beautiful composition depicting the lyrics from Scarborough Faire. Don't you love the blue and white transferware herb canisters? *-*

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Rabbits

The smaller one is an Easter Bunny in training. *

Easter Bunny Finger Puppets - Pattern and Directions

White Cat with Green Eyes and Pink Nose

This cat couldn't be lovelier if it tried. Have you ever seen a prettier color combination? The kitty is preppy for sure proudly wearing the pink and green. *

YouTube ~ The Royal Channel

This is where you'll want to be on April 29th since The Royal Wedding will be broadcast live on "The Royal Channel" on YouTube.

Little-Known Facts About the Royal Wedding Preparations Here is one example -- it can take up to 50 hours to polish each of the pairs of boots that will be worn by the mounted soldiers escorting Prince William and Kate Middleton through London after their marriage.

French Boxwood Garden

The sun is shining brightly here at the cottage and all's right with the world. You could hide Easter eggs in this boxwood garden and most of them would probably never be found. I have some major food marketing ahead of me today. See you later. _*_

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Extraordinary Doorway to Nowhere

I wonder if this surround ever had a real opening with a door or if it was simply a decorative architectural element? If only these old walls could talk. Anyway, it's beautiful. Maybe it was the ghosts' entrance. They walk through walls, you know. *_*

BBC America | Royal Roundup: Palace Releases New Wedding Schedule

Westminster Abbey
Royal Wedding Insider: Palace Releases New Wedding Schedule Buckingham Palace has released a new timeline of events for April 29. All times are London time. For the most comprehensive schedule, combine with previous timeline. You might have to print both schedules and put them together to find out what's happening and when.

In order to figure what time all this is taking place at your house you can refer to this: 
Every Time Zone in a visual display. I live in the New York time zone and London time is 4 hours ahead. I use this time zone checker all the time. Love it.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you -- The Royal Wedding will be streamed Live on YouTube. That's really exciting for those of you who will be at work or don't have a TV set. Actually I know several people who watch everything on a computer. Isn't technology grand?

The Power of The Flower

Loving this beautiful macro shot of a flower up close and personal. Great Easter color.

Vintage Easter Postcards
Bunny Ears Napkin Folding for Easter
Bird's Nest Cookie Recipe for Easter

Disney's Little House Movie

A little house on a little hill out in the country. This is the cutest, sweetest short film and so very timely too even though it was made in 1952. I found it at the Tiny House Blog: Disney's Little House Movie "Although a cartoon, and maybe not what you expect to see here, I think it effectively demonstrates how our country's thoughts on housing have evolved through the years. It also shows why so many people today have come to realize that living more simply, in the long run, is the way to go. As most of us know, having more and bigger does not make you happier.

Thanks Disney for presenting this lesson so well for us."

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Tulips at Rockefeller Center

I love to see tulips anywhere and especially in a city setting. Isn't this photo beautiful with the sky and the flowers providing the only color? Love the perspective too. *

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Anne Hathaway and Piero Fornasetti

I love Anne Hathaway and think she looks stunning against the backdrop of Piero Fornasetti wallpaper featuring the iconic face of operatic soprano Lina Cavalieri, as a motif. *_*

Piero Fornasetti
“I do not believe in eras or times. I do not. 
I refuse to establish the value of things based on time.” 

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Edgar Allan Po ?

I wonder how Poe would like being depicted as one of the Teletubbies? I thought this was genius and super hilarious. :)

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Orchid Portrait

I took this photo several years ago while I was hosting a realtor open house. I took my camera along and luckily there were many interesting things to photograph and pass the time away. I was very pleased with this portrait of a beautiful orchid that was in the seller's living room. 

I can remember when you could buy orchid corsages in almost any grocery store for women to wear to church on Easter Sunday. We always bought one for my grandmother.

a Cat's Beautiful View

Cats always find the best places to perch and enjoy the view. Doesn't this old stone structure have great windows and stunning vistas?  _*_

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Green Spiral

This green spiral staircase descending into a forest of lush green ferns is magnificent, isn't it? *_*

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Yes, Please

I can't tell you anything about this home except that I think it is absolutely amazing. I would love to see a front view and go inside. *_*

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Did You Mail Your Taxes Today?

This looks like a good place to do business paperwork like figuring income taxes. Will you be able to mail yours before midnight tonight? Hope so. *_*

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Very Old Library in Prague

I dearly love large antiquarian books with vellum bindings. ©Sandy with her coffee

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Romanian Athenaeum at Night - Beautiful

Beautiful Portals: "Romanian Athenaeum at Night"

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Cut Along Dotted Line :)

This adorable little car should put a smile on your face :)

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Keep Calm and Dye Your Eggs

I made another poster at the Keep Calm Poster Generator

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Tax Collector Accepting Barter

"Paying the Tax" or "The Tax Collector"
(Click photo to enlarge)
Pieter Brueghel the Younger (1565–1636), Flemish painter. Oil on panel circa 1620. USC Fisher Museum of Art, The Armand Hammer Collection. I wonder if any of the stuff I've been getting rid of lately would have qualified as barter? I can identify with the lady digging through the basket to find something of value.

Taxpayers will have until Monday, April 18 to file their 2010 tax returns and pay any tax due because Emancipation Day, a holiday observed in Washington, D.C., fell this year on Friday, April 15. This just gave most people three more days to procrastinate.

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Decorating the Easter Eggs

He looks pretty tired if you ask me. The Easter Bunny has only one more week to decorate the eggs all by himself. He's hoping you will hold up your end and help him. Besides, it's fun. I think the bugs are offering their assistance too. *_*

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Zinnia, Queen Red Lime from Burpee

Zinnia, Queen Red Lime  Aren't these exotic maroon and plum bicolor zinnias beautiful? I love this color combination. 

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I See The Sun

This morning we have blue skies and sun after yesterday's rain. The thunder and lightning in the dark of night with the howling wind and rain pelting on the roof was quite something as I watched a movie in bed. What a difference a day makes - have a great Sunday. The photo is of the Dutch countryside: The long way home ©daniel bosma

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