Friday, April 22, 2011

Horse Trough Garden and Bathtub/Shower

There is a wonderful article at MaryJane'sFarm about gardening in galvanized horse troughs.

I've been saving this image forever and can't remember the source. I love this bathtub with overhead shower made from a horse trough. What a great economical idea for a rustic bathroom in a vacation home, beach house or cabin. You can wash up in here after setting up all of your horse trough planters outside. 


Sue said...

Happy Easter, Rosemary!
And wow---that trough for a planter-I love that idea!

Sally Thomas said...

I love that trough garden! I've been mulling the idea of doing a water garden in one, but I like those herbs in that one.

Mommaof10 said...

Did you buy or make your oval shower curtain rod?