Friday, April 22, 2011

Disney To Celebrate Earth Day 2012 with 'Chimpanzee'

This upcoming Disney film has a real story to it – focusing on a baby chimp named Oscar who becomes orphaned and raised by another. The entire thing seems so incredibly scripted that it’s really hard to believe the cameras were just there at the right time, right place. I can't believe we have to wait one whole year to see this heartwarming film; expect the opening weekend to be a huge fundraiser for some chimp-focused conservation organization. found at Ecorazzi

HOW TO: Celebrate Earth Day Online


penelopebianchi said...

As you probably know; we have Jane Goddall to thank for all of the information...and the rescue operations...and our understanding of chimps.

they are the most delightful animals.....(not comaring!)

and she has spent her life.....and is continuing to spend every day of her life trying to save them.

What a magnificent thing you have done to bring attention to this great new film!


penelopebianchi said...

the reason for the "preview" is so one can correct a typo or something else one wants to change.

I did click "preview" and I did make a typo and I was unable to change. It would not let me.

Just so you know!!!


Millie said...

Will be counting the sleeps til this is released!
Millie x