Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tiny Paris Balcony

Here is another way I could rid myself of lawn mowing. Move to Paris and have an upstairs flat with a tiny vine-covered balcony. Too bad I don't speak French. It's lovely, isn't it? *


libraryeducator said...

I know - I have that same fantasy during mowing season! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Two years ago we sold our century old farmhouse that we loved and moved into a cozy two bedroom condo. The exterior looks like a little western reserve house. We love it! We're allowed to fill up the front with as many flowers as we want and have a very private little patio area I made into a courtyard. The best part is no MOWING!!! The season always seems so short we decided we just wanted to play and enjoy it.

That Paris photo is lovely. Now I want that haha.

Gal Friday said...


Karen said...

I vote for this...hey, we could learn the language, right? I love the vine growing on the building which adds to the charm of the balcony. Great image!