Saturday, April 23, 2011

Vintage Easter Greetings

Wishing you an old-fashioned Eastertide
I was thrilled to find this fabulous vintage Easter Die Cut to share with you. Nothing modern can compare with old German scrap. This one is especially charming. I hope your table is as lovely as the one the Easter bunny has set up under an awning. Be careful not to break any eggs. ©Suzee Que


libraryeducator said...

Happy Easter to you Rosemary! Thank you for the joy you bring me with your photos and positive comments. Take care and enjoy! Karen in Charlottesville VA.

Bonnie said...

Happy Easter!

NancyO. said...

Love these older holiday decorations...some of the designs on the Easter eggs pictured remind me of some antique Polish Christmas ornaments I have.

Happy Easter to you and Webster.

Tina Eudora said...

Happy Easter Rosemary and Webster! Many good wishes are sent your way from my home. Enjoy the day!
Tina xo

Lisa McGee said...

I just love vintage cards- this one is particularly charming.
Happy |Easter to you.

Serenity West said...

How I love those vintage and oldies easter greetings, exactly what I was looking for! Very nice. Happy Easter!