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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Lady's Mantle This Morning with Raindrops

Early spring is my favorite time for Lady's Mantle as you can see from the photo I took this morning. We had a much-needed overnight rain that quit way too soon. You can click to enlarge this photograph for an up close look at the fringed leaves and trapped raindrops. Enjoy your Sunday.

I just finished a wonderful series on Acorn TV called The Hour and I loved it. It's an old BBC production that has been likened to Mad Men. The acting was wonderful as was the entire cast. I have loved Romola Gairi since "I Capture the Castle". xo

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Portrait Sketch of Prince Philip 1961

This wonderful portrait of Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh was found on @thewindsorfamily on Instagram. It was drawn from life at Buckingham Palace by Dr. Stephen Ward at a sitting especially granted to The Illustrated London News for their front cover published on June 24, 1961. I think this amateur artist captured his essence perfectly. See all posts by The Windsor Family here.

Friday, April 23, 2021

Cornbread on My Counter

I will do anything to keep from going grocery shopping until I am out of everything and I am almost to that point, but not quite. I added a can of drained whole kernel corn to the mix this week and it is delicious. The cocktail tomatoes on the vine are just for making this photo a little more exciting and colorful. They will make for a delicious sandwich later. Happy Friday. xo

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Mini Daffodils at My Cottage

These mini daffodils have been so lovely this year. This photo doesn't include all of the clumps that are to the right of the corner with my hellebore in my front walled garden. They were a gift from a realtor who was conducting an open house and every year I thank her for them. I thought this was the greatest present ever that keeps on giving. I have already started dividing the three original clumps and now there are six.  It was below freezing last night and I brought my potted geraniums inside for the next couple of days and nights. We are having a very dry April so I guess the April showers are being pushed back to May. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

My Mom Anna's Daffodils at My Cottage

I am so happy I dug up these daffodils my mother planted, from a spot I couldn't see without going outside, to a spot I can see from my kitchen window. Last spring was their first year and this year I do believe they have already multiplied. They are a later booming variety too and I like that. The daffs I transplanted in an area close by with a sundial have already almost bloomed out.

How does your garden grow? I am having such a good time outside this time of year. I have been organizing my barn/garage too, no easy feat! xo

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

A House with Curb Appeal

This house certainly has everything going for it, doesn't it? It's close to the street yet still manages a curved walkway. I love it! via

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Great Books Recently Purchased

I was out and about one day last week and I found the three red leather bound books with wonderful decoration on the spines to go with with set I already had in black. I love the sporting themes. They were in a very unlikely place in a resale shop that sells mostly clothes and accessories. I am thrilled with these antiquarian books to add to my collection.

I have been working furiously outside while the weather is still cool and enjoying everything about the hard work except for the ticks. I will soon be down to nothing but mowing with much less danger. I put up another bluebird box far away from the one near my house to hopefully attract another family with no competition from the nesting couple already in residence. 

See you later. xo