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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Great Books Recently Purchased

I was out and about one day last week and I found the three red leather bound books with wonderful decoration on the spines to go with with set I already had in black. I love the sporting themes. They were in a very unlikely place in a resale shop that sells mostly clothes and accessories. I am thrilled with these antiquarian books to add to my collection.

I have been working furiously outside while the weather is still cool and enjoying everything about the hard work except for the ticks. I will soon be down to nothing but mowing with much less danger. I put up another bluebird box far away from the one near my house to hopefully attract another family with no competition from the nesting couple already in residence. 

See you later. xo


Anita ~ the cabin on the creek said...

I love the book treasures you found, especially with the sporting theme on the spines. Old books are probably my favorite kind of antique & I have lots of them, but most of mine aren't in great shape.

Be careful with the ticks...I had Lyme last June & am now awaiting the results of more Lyme tests to see if it's active again. I am experiencing numbness off & on in my right arm & leg. Lyme could be the culprit as it can cause nerve damage. I now use a heavy duty bug spray when I go outside, which I don't like, but apparently my essential oils & more healthy products were not effective enough. Enjoy this gorgeous day...I will be heading outside soon.

...all is grace!

Content in a Cottage said...

Anita ~ the cabin on the creek -- Anita, I know immediately if I have Lyme Disease. I have had it at least 4 times. I go to my doctor right away and ask for Doxycycline. It is truly a miracle antibiotic for me. I have only had Lyme or twice in the last 20 years since living in my cottage. I don't think getting another dog is in the cards for me. My three days minding Missy brought so many ticks my way -- many more than gardening and yard work.

Have you asked for a "Complete Lyme Panel" in your testing? There are so many new tick varieties now. Feel better soon!
xo, Rosemary

JudyMac said...

Another great find for your collection! Even though I’m pet sitting this weekend, I went plodding out in the rain this morning to an estate sale nearby. Not as many books at the sale as I thought the pictures indicated, but I did find a First Edition of one of Eudora Welty’s books, The Optimist’s Daughter. I consider it worth the trip!

Content in a Cottage said...

JudyMac -- What a great find! That was indeed worth the trip. Any first edition by Eudora Welty is a treasure!
xo, Rosemary