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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Mini Daffodils at My Cottage

These mini daffodils have been so lovely this year. This photo doesn't include all of the clumps that are to the right of the corner with my hellebore in my front walled garden. They were a gift from a realtor who was conducting an open house and every year I thank her for them. I thought this was the greatest present ever that keeps on giving. I have already started dividing the three original clumps and now there are six.  It was below freezing last night and I brought my potted geraniums inside for the next couple of days and nights. We are having a very dry April so I guess the April showers are being pushed back to May. 

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Pam said...

Those minis are so pretty! Daffodils are such a great choice, besides, the deer don't eat them and the squirrels don't dig up their bulbs. Glad to see that yours are doing well, Rosemary!