Monday, October 29, 2012

Tree Almost Over the Road @ My Cottage

This tree is in the parkland next to the cottage. The power lines are the only things keeping it from falling across the road. My power went off twice but came back on. YIKES.

I'm still in my pajamas. I decided not to get dressed today. I opened my front door for these photos.

I hope the big black walnut tree stays upright and doesn't fall on my car.

The authorities already knew about this when I called it in.

Be safe wherever you are. I'll keep posting as long as I have electricity.

Brick Wall with Boxwood Topping

Another example of the landscape designer's vision. Could anything be lovelier? I would like to see the boxwood growing on the other side. via 
We are still fine. Big pan of mac and cheese in the oven. Bad weather calls for comfort food, doesn't it?

How to humiliate a dog :)

This photo never fails to make me smile. You can really see the humiliation in the dog's face, can't you? See more humorous animal photos created way before the internet was invented here.

So Far, So Good at My Cottage

There is nothing to report from the cottage this morning. We are as prepared as we will ever be and still have power. We will just hunker down and wait. The only thing I didn't do was have the gutters cleaned but my guess is the wind will do it for me. Nothing earth shattering happened overnight and it didn't start raining until dawn. This is just the beginning. Be safe everyone. I have a tub full of water, food, crank radio and flashlight, candles, matches, a gas stove, etc. I think we will be fine -- fingers crossed. via

Sunday, October 28, 2012

DIY Angel Wings

I love these angel wings made from old book pages or newspaper glued over a stiffer material. I want to make some for Christmas decorations. These would be good for Halloween too. I want to make a small version for my Staffordshire Spaniel on the fireplace mantel. I hope all of the guardian angels are on call during this terrifying time with the predicted hurricane. Be safe everyone.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Moon Reflection on Snowy River

Be safe everyone. I worked all day long and didn't come in the house until almost 7pm. I mowed, blew leaves, put everything away and more. I'll look around for anything I missed tomorrow. I'm sure I'll sleep like a log tonight. via

Storm Prep with Webster

Books and A Hurricane or Tropical Storm

I think I just found the perfect reading room. I love the big ottoman two chairs can share. via

I never thought of books this way but it's true. via

I'll be spending the next few hours putting outside stuff in the garage in preparation for Sandy. I'm pretty afraid too. Stay safe and enjoy the weekend if you can. It's so still outside it is positively uncanny. And it's way too warm for this time of year. I slept with my bedroom window open last night. I hope all the weather forecasts are wrong and the Hurricane blows out to sea but they say there is a 70% chance it's coming my way. Boo Hoo.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Tiny Cook's Kitchen

via This could be called the little kitchen that could, couldn't it? Have you ever seen so many pots and pans in one spot? Sir Cooksalot definitely lives here! Love the small 6 burner stove too. I would be so afraid that stock pot would come crashing down and chip the enamel. I would dearly love to see the rest of this room. The clock mirror is beautiful and must be used to converse with others in the room while cooking. 

DIY Wire Table Base

This is such a great idea. I know where there is a big roll of this rusty wire dumped near the edge of my woods. It's the heavy duty kind that will probably be impossible to unroll and cut. I love the way this looks -- like the hollow core door used for the top is floating. via

Another View of A Gorgeous Room

Here is another view of that gorgeous room I showed you yesterday and there are more dog paintings. This is wonderful! via

Carved Stone Tudor Greyhound

The greyhound was first adopted by Edward III as a heraldic supporter and was particularly used by his descendants in the House of Lancaster.

Henry VII, founder of the Tudor dynasty, was descended from this line, and unsurprisingly, used the greyhound as a supporter of his royal arms and a reminder of his royal lineage. text and photo by Lawrence OP on Flickr

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Amazing Landscape Design

via The perspective is wonderful here. Someone had a vision and succeeded in achieving it!

Restful Bedroom

This looks like a very nice place to sleep, doesn't it? I think I'll put all white bedding on my bed today (my favorite) and find a 'tarp' to throw over it at night when the brown dog visits. via

Pearl Buttons

Don't you love this shirt button card? Pearl buttons are my favorite. via

Dog Paintings + Antiques = Perfect Together

David Fuller Photography. Beautiful photo, beautiful art and antiques, beautiful interior design. via

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Fabulous Pumpkin House

Wouldn't you love to eat a big slice of warm pumpkin pie in this house? via

DIY Entry Hall Tree Made from Two Doors

I think this is the best idea for an entrance hall or a mudroom. Use two recycled doors for the back, add some hooks, a top cornice shelf and some cubbies to sit on at the bottom. How very clever. via

I Can't Stop Laughing at this Video

Rob McKenna, Attorney General of Washington State/Governor candidate for Washington State, dances Gangnam Style with his wife at the 6th KOREAN DAY hosted by Seattle Washington State Korean Association. He danced the whole song. I am sure he is the first State Attorney General to finish the dance in the States. Audience went crazy. What a way to get connected with Korean American community. Students requested to take photos with him after the dance. Click here if you can't see this hilarious video. He reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite. The McKennas are such good sports, aren't they? What IS Gangnam Style? Here is a good article explaining it.

Sassafras Leaves

This is the only tree I know of that has three different leaves on the same tree. Below you see a "mitten" with one thumb. Above you see a "mitten" with no thumb and a "mitten" with two thumbs. I find this tree so fascinating. Photographed yesterday afternoon with my iPhone. It's very colorful in the fall.

sassafras |ˈsasəˌfras|
a deciduous North American tree with aromatic leaves and bark. The leaves are infused to make tea or ground into filé.
• Sassafras albidum, family Lauraceae.
• an extract of the leaves or bark of this tree, used medicinally or in perfumery.

Georgian Wedding Ring

This is absolutely gorgeous, agreed? via

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Decorating with Fine Art and Antiques

I'll take it all. Living with antiques is such a fine experience, isn't it? via

Bathroom Library

I think there would be too much humidity for these lovely books in a bathroom, don't you? But doesn't it look nice in this photo? via Maybe it's a powder room and not a full bath.

Edinburgh in Autumn

Simply lovely! via

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Delightful Bedroom

I love the painted primitive bench at the foot of the bed. via

Linen Storage

I love the built-in linen presses and open shelves for linen storage. So much nicer than a linen closet. via You almost never see this old-fashioned feature in new homes -- only old ones.

Young Queen and Her Dad

Best photo ever of King George VI and a very young Queen Elizabeth II. Her face is still exactly the same, isn't it? via

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Primitive Bucket Bench Finds New Life

I love this antique bucket bench used to display collections of very interesting things. via

Perfect Sunday

I have to host a realtor open house today at my listing with no wifi so I might stop at the Deli and pick up a New York Times. I'm reading a good book too so I'll be fine. Last Sunday was very busy there and I got no reading done at all. I think the same will hold true today as well. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

More Autumn Leaves

There are still lots of leaves on the trees here at the cottage. Some trees are absolutely bare though. It always seems that the trees closest to the house are the last to lose their leaves. So I do fall cleanup until it gets really cold. Last year we had that freak show storm over Halloween weekend that was a nightmare. Fingers crossed for a normal fall from start to finish this year.

A Fabulous Built-in Pantry

This is a great one that would be so useful. I love the painted floor too. The fine woodworker did a great job. I'm sure the rest of the kitchen is wonderful too. I woke up to a foggy Saturday morning and thankfully the rain we had almost all day yesterday has subsided. When the fog burns off, we are supposed to have great fall weather. Enjoy the weekend! via

Friday, October 19, 2012

Cats Planning Another Trip

Remember their last one? Click here. Wonder where they are going this time? via Have a great weekend.

Sleeping Porch Bedroom, Ranch Style

I would love to stretch out here and take an afternoon nap -- right now. via

Adorable Dachshund Puppy with Apple

Do I get to keep the apple after my photo shoot? photo by EmilyDawn2

Doorway Opening in the Hedge

And what a huge hedge it is! I wonder how long it took for it to get this high? via

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Some Huge Pumpkins for Fall Decorations

This collection of very large pumpkins looks fabulous against the backdrop of this beautiful old weathered brown house. via Do you decorate your house in the fall? 

Vampire Bat Kitten - Halloween - Scary NOT :)

Classical Fireplace

Absolutely beautiful. Love it all. The fireplace surround, the antiquarian books, the vintage photograph, the fencing sword. Not sure about not having any andirons or fireplace screen though. via

Bermuda Shutters

I have several windows that could use Bermuda shutters in the summertime. Especially one in my bedroom that gets the late afternoon sun. I wonder how hard it is to find the hardware? I love this old carved marble dog statuary too. via

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lovely Orange Cat Nose

My New Microwave Oven

I finally broke down last week and got a microwave after all these years. We have one downstairs but how inconvenient is that to have to run down a flight of steps to use one? So I put mine in the pantry and it worked out ever so much better than I ever thought it could. We have been having healthier meals too -- like a baked sweet potato for lunch. It seems right at home in the pantry too. It wouldn't have been appropriate on any of my kitchen counters. Why did I wait so long?

When you look in the pantry from the kitchen, you don't even know a microwave is hiding just around the left corner.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Door Disguised as a Bookcase

When closed, this door is indistinguishable from the other bookcases that lined the walls -- except for the doorknob. It is the study door of Charles Dickens at his home at Gad's Hill Place. The dummy books contain some humorous titles invented by the author. This was an extremely important room to Dickens that was always kept locked when he was not occupying it and no servants were allowed to enter. More pictures and descriptions of his beloved home here.

A Very Long Book

I adore illustrations by Franco Matticcio. Found here. See a great collection of his artwork here and become a fan too.

Tiger Elephant

Isn't this wonderful? Now he's the King. What good handlers this elephant must have! via

Monday, October 15, 2012

Fabulous Marble and Stone Bathroom

designed by Thomas Hamel and Associates via. So elegant in its simplicity.