Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Can't Stop Laughing at this Video

Rob McKenna, Attorney General of Washington State/Governor candidate for Washington State, dances Gangnam Style with his wife at the 6th KOREAN DAY hosted by Seattle Washington State Korean Association. He danced the whole song. I am sure he is the first State Attorney General to finish the dance in the States. Audience went crazy. What a way to get connected with Korean American community. Students requested to take photos with him after the dance. Click here if you can't see this hilarious video. He reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite. The McKennas are such good sports, aren't they? What IS Gangnam Style? Here is a good article explaining it.

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MsCaroline said...

How fun! I'm an American living in Seoul (South Korea) and have really enjoyed the popularity of this song and the exposure it's given to Korea and Korean culture. I have even been to Gangnam quite a few times, although I am (sadly) not quite posh enough to consider myself anything near 'Gangnam Style'!