Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Happy Valentine's Day -- True Antique Ones

I have a notebook full of valentines and other things one person saved back when you had to write and make your own. They are so beautiful and so sincere. This one is dated 1846.

This one is dated February 14, 1847. The beautiful pink rose is an original watercolor.

This one isn't dated and is signed My Valentine. The area around the butterfly has been cut out in a continuous loop as you will see in the next  photo.

I am holding the butterfly up in the air so you can see the surprise in the center. It will be featured in the next photo.

Two birds holding a ring and the inscription ♡"I am thine eternally"♡. Isn't this romantic?

This one has blue forget me nots with yellow centers handpainted in watercolor. Signed simply Valentine with a whole page full of a heartfelt message of love. 



Content in a Cottage said...

UPDATE: I have a new post up and running featuring some mid 19th century hand made valentines. They are beautiful Enjoy. xo, Rosemary

Pam said...

You have a lovely collection of Valentines, Rosemary! You know that old saying, "They don't make them like that any more." Well it sure does apply to those keepsakes. Thank you for sharing them with us. Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Content in a Cottage said...

Pam -- I am always amazed at the beauty of old handwriting, especially on old Valentines. Thanks for appreciating them too. Hope you have a great ❤️holiday❤️ with your husband. xo, Rosemary

Georgia said...

Thank you for these remarkably beautiful Valentines! I’ve never seen such fine examples - a joy to study carefully.

Content in a Cottage said...

Georgia -- Thank you for your appreciation. I agree! They are very fine examples back when Valentines were created from the heart and handmade in advance with care, thought, and creativity. xo, Rosemary