Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Contest: Best White Cake Mix ~ Surprise Winner

Southern Living blind-tested 5 popular boxed white cake mixes. Easter is coming and there will be cake so you might want to read the article and pick up a few boxes of the winning mix. Read the article HERE. Were you surprised? I was! xo


Tara Dillard said...

Great topic, and read. Who knew? Boxed layer cakes !!

Mom didn't want to be a mom, many in her era felt the same. Odd how many women friends I have, same story. Children were their meal ticket, simply the era. Not bad women, merely how they navigated.

Being the 60's mom/dad both chimed, their daughter would not be trained to cook/caretake any man. College, girl...hit your marks and never be dependent upon a man.

Mom did not like to cook. She rotated the same 4 dinners for decades. Dad took the family out to eat often, and he added fresh seafood off the grill, or steaks, each week.

Once in junior hi, mom started us on Bundt cakes from a box. I had to make them. Fond memory.

Adore this post. Layer cakes always seemed too 'difficult'. Will try some of these.

True to raising, I was never a 'cooking' wife ! Widowed after 40 years.....has been a surprising delight. Especially cooking, learning to cook.

Had to be educated about what a freezer is for, thank you dear friend Emily. Now I cook for 12, and freeze 11 single serve bags, stacked flat. Try to keep 5 different meals in freezer at all times. Great for self, have a friend to dinner, or taking to someone who's home ill.

Always add a fresh salad, using sweet green cabbage, not lettuce, and homemade French vinaigrette.

Thank you Rosemary, your box cakes a 'Madeline' this morning.

Lisa D. you are too kind. Putting food in the freezer, fills you in on lack of posting for a bit. Been a ride. Have named it the, 3 Hour Cruise. Actually, a pair of those cruises. If you're the right age, you can hear the music playing.....3 Hour Cruise !!! Both cruises ended, to God the glory and testimony.

Into my phone these go...............for standing in the Grocery Store Box Cake Aisle.

Pam said...

I saw this article and was very surprised at the winner! I'm definitely going to buy a box and try it.