Saturday, November 9, 2019

Cutting the Cord: I did it!

My two year contract was up with Verizon and I absolutely could not get my monthly bill down to a reasonable amount so I decided to get rid of my landline and cable and have WiFi only. A wonderful supervisor helped me. I decided to buy a new router from them because they will stand behind it should I have problems plus on new contracts they have started charging $12 per monthly rental fee. The new router came in 2 days and I hooked it up my self easily. With this new system, I can always add on services if I change my mind or feel deprived but I don't think I ever will.

I returned all of my old equipment for my three television sets and my multi room DVR to UPS with my order number and they boxed and returned everything. This was very painless. Last September I purchased a new in the box indoor HDTV antenna. The box is pictured above. I paid $1.00 for it and it works! At Walmart, it costs around $18.00. I moved my kitchen TV to the attic where I have a wonderful work space and so far, this is the only TV that works in my home. I stream everything else to my iPad(s). I get all of the networks including PBS and so much more. The only thing I have sacrificed is Turner Classic Movies but I can live without it. It took me a while to find the perfect way to position the ears and the circle and the direction (towards NYC) for bringing in PBS. I was able to get all the other stations easily but I guess PBS was the farthest away. Now I get several PBS stations and I won't miss anything on Sunday nights. I even found a local TV guide on "".

I have found Pluto.TV to be much better than I ever imagined for streaming movies ON DEMAND. I honestly didn't ever explore anything on Pluto other than live TV. The on demand movies are awesome and the two or three commercials are extremely short. REALLY. I watched a 2006 movie with Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson called "Last Chance Harvey" and it was wonderful. Pluto is a free streaming service for your computer, ipad, phone, and other devices too for android users. I don't have a password or anything. It's so easy. One of these days I will get a ROCU or other device so I can stream to my TV but for now I am fine. I actually love watching movies on my iPad in bed. You can pull up all the movies on your computer here. Look at the banner across the top to switch to "live tv". You will need to download the app from the APPLE APP STORE for iPhone or iPad. Or Google for android devices. If your devices are too old, you might not be able to get all the services available. On my iPad 3 I cannot get on demand movies, just live tv. On my new iPad 6th Generation I get everything and can use my Apple Pencil which is amazing. Later. Ask me questions. I shall try to answer. xo

This is a view from one of my attic windows this morning showing my beautiful geraniums. Sorry this is a little rushed. I haven't been present in your lives lately with all my tree work and more. Have a great weekend. I will try to fill in the details about cord cutting and let you know how it's working out for me. xo, Rosemary


MrsB said...

Facebook has Cord Cutting Tech Support group. Full of wonderful ideas and information.
I am not sure, but think if you buy a Firestick from Amazon or Best Buy and download the TCM app, you might be able to watch on your TV.

Content in a Cottage said...

MrsB -- Thank you. I had the TCM app when I had cable with TCM. But the app would never let me watch anything but live TV so I just recorded the movies I wanted to watch later. Streaming from the app required an HD subscription and I didn't have that. So far, I am pleased with what I have with adding anymore plug in devices. They talked about Cord Cutting on NPR this week and one lady called in. She said by the time she got out her journal with the days and channels she wanted to watch on her ROCU player, she usually ended up reading a book instead. It's only going to get worse with Apple jumping into the TV business. Thanks so much for your help. I am not and have never been on Facebook.
xo, Rosemary

Jeff said...

When you say..."I decided to get rid of my landline and cable and have WiFi only. A wonderful supervisor helped me. I decided to buy a new router from them because they will stand behind it should I have problems plus on new contracts they have started charging $12 per monthly rental fee."

1. Does this mean that you purchased the new router from Verizon?

2. If so, how does Verizon get the Internet to your location? Were they your landline provider (if yes, you can skip to question 4)?

3. Is it the same service as your Internet service for your phone or is it a home-based service? (Sorry for these simple questions, but I am not familiar with Verizon offering home-based Internet)

4. Is there a special name for this package/service?

5. You seem to indicate that this would work with a Roku TV. Is that your understanding?

Thanks for the information!

Betty said...

We cit our cable but kept internet. We bought a firestick and subscribed to netflix. So far so good and saving $125 a month!

Content in a Cottage said...

Jeff -- I had the triple play with Verizon. My 2 year contract was up. I wanted to get rid of cable and my landline and have WiFi (internet) only. I have tried and tried to do this with no success. I finally came upon an online forum and the person posting got WiFi only from Verizon by calling 1-(844) 837-2262. I called this number and it went straight to a supervisor. She was so nice. We went over all of my options and I ended up with buying my own router from Verizon. My former landline was a Verizon product too. I have AT&T for my mobile phone. By buying a Verizon Router, I still have all the Verizon wiring in my house and I can add cable to my Internet Only WiFi package at any time. As long as you have wifi you can stream through your mobile devices. I do not know how a ROCU player works but I think it will work through the HDMI port on any of my TVs. So far I am happy with my HD rabbit ears on the TV in my attic office and I get fabulous reception and all the networks from the "air" free of charge. I watch Pluto TV on my iPad, phone or computer. I also have KANOPY movie streaming through my public library card. I am not anxious to jump into "paid" subscriptions quite yet. I really don't have time to watch more that I have available to me right now and I have yet to explore YouTube. Like Betty, I am saving about $125 per month.
Best, Rosemary

Content in a Cottage said...

Betty -- I am saving about the same amount and it feels great. We are kindred spirits!
xo, Rosemary

stacey said...

We have only one internet provider in our area, and wifi only is about$77/month. I may try the antenna, we are paying for PBS, Acorn and Britbox to get all our favorite British TV but I don't have time to watch it all.

Windmill Farm said...

How brave you are!! My husband and I keep going back and forth, back and forth. He is ready but of all the hundreds of worthless shows we never ever watch, most actually disgusting, we would always go to TCM and Westerns, I watch a local news in AM (but I pay extra for that) and record a few shows on history channels, PBS, travel but pay $175 for that!!! Our kids pulled the plug several years ago and when they come to visit, they show us how to use the apps, we have Netflix, Amazon Prime. I don't know why I am so chicken, it just takes courage. Thanks for sharing.

lisa said...

Thanks SO much for posting this, Rosemary. This is something I have needed to do for a long time, but truth be told, I am so bewildered by everything that's out there, that I don't know quite where to start, and I don't have any young people in my house who are tech savvy! Presently, I have Comcast for TV, internet and landline. Verizon is my cell phone provider. However, I get very poor wifi in my old house, perhaps because of the construction materials used to build houses in an earlier era, or perhaps because I live among rolling hills with lots of very tall old growth trees. I'm not sure. At any rate I cannot rely on wifi, which is the only reason I have kept my landline. The Comcast subscription is a substantial monthly expense, and one that I would like to eliminate. Much of the channels are junk, and not anything I care to watch. I suppose I should just hire a tech person to help me navigate. I'm going to save this post of yours for future reference, and would love to hear your ongoing experience regarding the changes you made.

Content in a Cottage said...

Stacey -- Your Monthly WiFi is very reasonable. I don't want to rush in and add all sorts of Paid subscriptions or before I know It i will be right back where I started from. I agree. There isn't enough time to watch all the good content out there in the world of streaming.
xo, Rosemary

Content in a Cottage said...

Windmill Farm -- Your kids can surely help you. I am truly much happier watching network TV via Pluto TV on my iPad and carrying it around with me from room to room instead of being stuck on the sofa watching TV in one place. You will figure it out when your two year contract is about to run out.
xo, Rosemary

Content in a Cottage said...

lisa -- I have an old house with plaster walls and I got a very weak wifi signal in my bedroom. My original router was in the attic. Since buying my own router, I moved it in the kitchen on the first floor and I get a much stronger wifi signal in my bedroom now. I am much happier with my new set up and do not feel tied to a TV set. I can stream to my iPad and carry it around with me. I will continue to post my likes and dislikes about my new system. Have you complained to Comcast about your weak signal? Maybe you need a WiFi booster of some kind. Don't be afraid to call and ask for assistance.
xo, Rosemary

Noelle said...

Wow you are so brave and thanks for posting this since I desperately want to cut the cord it's insane the price I'm paying, so thanks for giving me the kick that I needed! Awesome post. N

Content in a Cottage said...

Noelle -- I am pleased to be your inspiration. Good luck. Don't be afraid. Take photos before you unplug anything. xo, Rosemary

lisa said...

Thanks for the tip about the router and wifi booster. I'm looking forward to your future updates on this!

Content in a Cottage said...

lisa -- You are welcome. I am really enjoying my new setup. I stream the morning news from Pluto TV on my iPad and it is awesome. I love the portability too. It's like having a TV in every room. I checked out a new Acorn series from the library yesterday and I'm watching it on my computer that has a DVD drive. It's JANET KING Series One. I watched the first disc yesterday and it's a fabulous Australian legal drama. Series Three was on the shelf and Series Two was checked out. So I have a lot more to watch when I finish all three discs in Series One. Here is the link
I shall continue updating my Cutting the Cord adventure.
xo, Rosemary