Saturday, July 14, 2018

Winnie The Pooh Map Illustration

This original illustration sold for $570,000 and is the most expensive book illustration ever sold. Drawn in 1926 by illustrator E.H. Shepard, the map depicts the homes of beloved characters from the story, such as Christopher Robin, Pooh Bear, Piglet, Owl, Eeyore, and Kanga and Roo, in addition to other local spots.

An illustration of Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh walking through the Hundred Acre Wood, which sold at Sotheby's London. The illustration was offered alongside four other original Winnie the Pooh drawings, also created by Shepard, all of which have been out of the public eye for nearly 50 years. Combined, the five illustrations were sold for a total of $1.2 million, though they were estimated to only fetch between $412,000 and $584,000. 
Read the entire article here. Photos from Sotheby's


jusaweecatnap said...

Wow. But I do so love the EHS drawings and could never accept the Disney versions. I hope they'll be kept safe for posterity. I wish such things could go to a museum for all to see.

Penelope Bianchi said...

How wonderful and spectacular. It is so great to see something so valuable sell for so much!

My favorite book of all time! My garden's inspiration is this book! And all the others!

The habitat will be restored! I am hoping all the rescued wild animals will be released at our garden next to the 42 acre nature preserve. I am afraid most of the wild animals were killed in the "debris flow"!
We saw
a possum! I pray it is the one I rescued from the freeway about a year ago! They sleep in trees!

Content in a Cottage said...

justaweecatnap -- I agree about the Disney versions of Pooh Bear and Friends. Maybe this original artwork was purchased by a museum or maybe to a collector who will donate. Fingers crossed.
xo, Rosemary

Content in a Cottage said...

Penelope Bianchi -- Thanks for letting us know you live next to a wildlife preserve. That's so perfect for you and your love for animals of all kinds, even possums.
xo, Rosemary

Sherry said...

oh my goodness...
how wonderful is this find?!
thank you for sharing, as
the 100 acre woods brings
sweet memories to the forefront
of my mind - time spent with
our daughter exploring while
pretending to be in pooh's

GretchenJoanna said...

I love seeing those original drawings!! Just last month I gave one of my grandsons a copy of the Pooh books with Shepard's illustrations. They are the best.