Saturday, January 7, 2017

Unseen Corner of My Pantry Office

This is the corner to the left of my Dutch door going into the home office in my pantry. The back window overlooks my red barn garage. I found the little cork board before Christmas and the window with the bicycle was blank and the glass had become dislodged behind the cork. I added the bicycle graphic that I had always loved and was already printed and ready to go. I organized my favorite things and several appointments on both boards yesterday. I am going to deal with little things like this that I have been sweeping under the rug. So Happy. We have light snow this morning and I need to go out before it gets any worse. Have a great weekend. Stay warm and good luck with the snow at your house. xo


A Guy Called Classic said...

Looks very cozy.

The Queen Vee said...

I love everything about this post and's such a treat when we get a peak. You've inspired me, I'll have to to a little work in my office craft room and post a photo myself. I've loved checking out every single item in your special space.