Sunday, January 8, 2017

Snow Cat

Yes, it's safe to come out now. It snowed all day long at my house yesterday and somehow amounted to nothing. I would say I have 2 inches of powder this morning. I was able to sweep my walk when it quit last night with a stiff broom. I cleaned off my car too. I know most of you were not this lucky and I hope you have the same cloudless blue sky that I have to dig yourself out Sunday morning. xo
photo via google images


Pat said...

Good Morning,
We are in Maryland, in Baltimore County, and only had about 2 inches of very dry snow. The Eastern shore wasn't as lucky. Stay warm.

Penelope Bianchi said...

It is raining here in Santa Barbara! All those rain-dances I have been doing in my neighborhood....finally worked! We are ecstatic!

Our creek which has been dry for two years.......(the poor have no idea) is running! HOORAY!!!! More coming....we hope!

The "El Nino" predicted for last year...seems to be arriving~! One year late.....just so happy to see it!