Sunday, June 5, 2016

Peonies in My Garden Before The Rain

The red ones and the white peonies are singles and can handle the rain pretty well.

The pink ones with more petals get very heavy when their heads fill up with water and they droop to the ground. The rain hasn't stopped yet and luckily I picked a big bouquet of pinks early this morning and they look lovely in the house. The lamb's-ears pictured here are volunteers that planted themselves. I like the contrast of their silver-gray foliage against the deep, dark green leaves of the peonies.
I've had a very enjoyable day being pretty lazy and it felt really good. I never feel guilty when I have an easy day, do you? I earned it! I just checked and there's absolutely nothing on TV tonight. I hope I can find something interesting to watch that I have saved to my DVR. I don't have any DVD discs from the library either. I'm sure I'll find something. Enjoy your evening. xo


karen said...

TV related...if you have Netfix , I just finished watching Broadchurch. Thus far there are two seasons to see. It take place in Wales.I really enjoyed it.

Peonies are beautiful.

Content in a Cottage said...

Karen -- Thanks for the tip. I watched Season One of Broadchurch and really enjoyed it. I did not realize there was a second season. Yay!
xo, Rosemary

The Queen Vee said...

Your peonies and lamb's-ears make for a lovely garden combination. I love them both! I plan on planting some peonies in my new garden. I'm not sure lamb's-ears will do well in the dry climate and I will miss my beloved hydrangeas but I do know you can grow beautiful roses out in Utah. Part of the joy of growing these lovelies is a vase full enjoyed indoors...good thing you clipped before the rain.

karen said...

Hinterland is also pretty good, Rosemary.