Monday, June 6, 2016

History of Queen Elizabeth's Eight-Decade Love of Corgis

Ten-year-old Princess Elizabeth and her corgi Dookie at 145 Piccadilly, her childhood home in London, 1936. By Lisa Sheridan/Studio Lisa/Getty Images.
The Queen has kept corgis even longer than she has known her husband of 69 years, Prince Philip. In 1933, her parents, the future King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (later known as the Queen Mum), acquired the royal family’s first corgi, named Dookie. On her 18th birthday, in 1944, Princess Elizabeth received a corgi of her own, named Susan, who tagged along on her honeymoon, three years later.
There is a delightful slideshow and more corgi history at Vanity Fair. I was quite surprised to learn that nobody else inherited her love for this breed. Others find them annoying to say the least.


The Queen Vee said...

This is such a sweet photo of her with Dorki. She loves her Corgis that's for sure. I wonder if Phillip found it annoying that she took one of them with her on their honeymoon?

Pam said...

Hello. Your photos are lovely. The photo of young Elizabeth with her
little pal is adorable, as are all the photos with corgis. I am a
true corgi lover, having only had two, but working on another soon.
They are headstrong little clowns but they are a constant source of
amusement. I know why she loves them. Thank you.