Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Love the Freestanding Sink Unit

I love this sink with the high backsplash that comes up to the window trim, don't you? It's nice to see the old cabinets preserved too with new countertops. It's a very sweet kitchen. via
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Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

My Granny had a sink like that. I think it was a left handed drainboard though.
Still, love this kitchen sink. :)

LANA said...

That is my dream kitchen. Have you ever watched "Rehab Addict" on HGTV. You would absolutely love that show, she buys and restores old houses, and reuses and recycles lots of materials instead of ripping them out. The kitchen you show looks alot like the ones she restores. She might be on YouTube if you do not have HGTV. Her name is Nicole Curtis and she does homes in Detroit and Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Content in a Cottage said...

Corn in my coffee-pot.......I prefer a drain board on the left too.

Lana...I've never watched that program but I'll look for it because it sounds like a fun show.

xo, Rosemary

Anonymous said...

Have to chuckle. My house was built around 1925. It had a sink like this one when we moved in, which I happily replaced. It had its points, but charm wasn't one of them, for me at least. Did have a left-handed drain board, for what its worth. I guess I should have sold it. Can't even remember how we disposed of it.