Thursday, April 17, 2014

Random Photos around My Cottage

I took this photo this morning of the daffodils on my kitchen counter. They are like having sunshine in the house all the time.

This carriage house/garage is new but it's built on an old foundation. I think the owners did a great job with the design. There was an old red barn on the same spot in really bad condition. It's close to me and I love to slow down when I drive by. I took this photo from my car last week.

This is a recent sunrise as seen from my kitchen window. I've been outside blowing stuff around with the leaf blower and I didn't feel guilty at all because the landscaper is working next door. I don't feel as if I am causing the noise pollution if there are already two machines going full blast nearby. I blew off my deck in record time and my front walk. I'm going to see if it will blow the gravel that is in my lawn back into the driveway next. See you later. xo
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Anonymous said...

Hi Rosemary,

Daffodils are real Easter flowers.
The yellow colour is special, they bring the sunshine in. Here in The Netherlands the daffodils have now flowers anymore, because the temperature is more than 20 degrees Celsius since a couple off weeks.
I wish you nice Easter days.

Stella said...

Love the Barn and driveway. I hope to someday give our detached 1970s garage a face lift. I think it was modeled on a saltbox and needs some "accessorizing" and a cupola. Great driveway in this picture, and I just love the white fencing. We just had our copper mailbox installed today and it has similar posts. Can't wait to see it age and I am protecting it from the cars!
Happy Easter to You, Webster and Tabitha. Keep blogging on.

Karen said...

Such pretty pictures. I've been keeping daffodils in the house ever since Trader Joe's started selling them 10 for $1.29.
Happy Easter.