Sunday, March 2, 2014

Two Stunning DIY Ideas

Don't you love this herringbone floor? Guess what? It's ceramic tile. via

I have no idea how these appliances were decorated. Paint? Stickers? What? Love them. Both photos are DIY ideas from.....drumroll.......HOME DEPOT. via
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Anonymous said...

Love them both. Used to be that hardware stores were fairly hostile towards women. The men who worked there always seemed to resent the invasion of women into "their" territory. I have for years answered those surveys that come with your HD receipt, and complained loudly if I felt disrespected by anyone at HD. I guess other women did too, because now they get it. Women like to decorate, and are perfectly willing and able to tackle DIY jobs (and we have credit cards). Now they woo us with terrific ideas all over the internet. Score one for women. That laundry room would make me almost want to do laundry.

Karen said...

This is the second image I've seen of tile flooring that looks like wood. I would love to see it in person, it looks so much like wood.
Our laundry room is in the garage so I don't worry about decorating the machines much, but that is pretty clever.

Anonymous said...

I think the washer/dryer might have been decorated using washi tape?

Content in a Cottage said...

Anon....I just read that the washer and dryer were decorated with green electrical tape. Thanks so much for your comment.
xo, Rosemary