Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Close Call.

This old house nearby lost its front porch during Hurricane Sandy but I think it was lucky.

It could have been much worse. The poor houe is deteriorating fast and I fear it will probably be torn down. 
We are having a very gray morning here at my cottage as we await the coming snow. The snow map the weather people are showing puts us right on the line for light snow and heavy snow. I hope it's the former. I'll be watching the Oscars tonight, will you? I haven't seen one single movie on the list but I enjoy the awards, and the Red Carpet beforehand.
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elizabeth said...

We also have very cold weather this am, cloudy grey and wind chill of -15 degrees F. in Kansas. Looking forward to the Oscars here too! Love the red carpet and all the beautiful clothes, such a grand time. I have only seen one of the movies "Captain Phillips" with Tom Hanks and it is an excellent movie. Keep warm and enjoy this very cozy time in our Thankfully warm homes.

PamDesigns said...

Hi Rosemary, Glad to know this was not your house and that that tree didn't land on anybody (I hope). Sorry you're getting blasted again with more show! I haven't seen any of the movies in the Oscars either. I'll be recording it so I can fast forward through all the commercials and the boring parts. I think my Oscar show will be about 15 minutes long!

Karen said...

I am watching episodes of 'Rehab Addict', the only show I watch on HGTV (I get so upset with people on 'House Hunters', I quit watching). I LOVE this show because the woman uses materials in different ways and strives to save rather than destroy. She would save this house I'm sure:) Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

So far it looks like those of us in the Mid-Atlantic states might have dodged the bullet, but the night isn't over yet. They keep predicting snow, but the radar doesn't show any more over our neck of the woods. I put a couple of plastic boxes over some snowdrops in the yard that are trying hard to bloom, for want of a tiny bit of sun. If it does snow, I hope I can dig them out asap. That tree frightens me so. It could happen to any of us, especially now that the ground is saturated. Fingers crossed.