Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Day for Friends and Family

I am thankful this Thanksgiving for my fine friends who always remember me on holidays. This is my first Thanksgiving without my dear mother and oh, how I miss her. She loved to wake up early and start cooking while the rest of the family still slept. We always ate in the early afternoon so we could do it all over again with the leftovers later on. 
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I have to start cooking some things to take to Kelly's, also in the early afternoon. Webster is whining very softly for his breakfast too. I'll see you later. xo

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Anonymous said...

Good wishes to you, Rosemary.
I know you will enjoy a lovely meal with Kelly.
The sun is shining here - AT LAST - and I hope the same is true at the cottage.
Happy day

tammy j said...

you read my mind with this post.
i've been thinking about you and this first holiday season without your beloved mother anna.
i'm so glad to know you'll be with friends.
love to you dear heart. to you and webster and tabitha!
happy thanksgiving! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful holiday! I know how much you miss your sweet mother. I lost my mother 15 years ago and I miss her more and more every year. Give Webster a hug for me.

Stacey Snacks said...

Enjoy your day at Kelly's.

Kathy said...

I understand your missing your Mother, holidays no longer feel like holidays to me since my Mother passed away. It's so life altering, everything forevermore feels so different.
I'm glad you have good friends to share the day with.
Happy thanksgiving.

elizabeth said...

Happy Thanksgiving, I enjoy your blog so much. Wishing for you lots of good wishes for a great day. Beth

The Queen Vee said...

Of course you're missing your mum which is only natural and also lovingly honorable. Love and mourning are connected, I find it interesting how daily life and traditions can bring on remembrances and yearning for those no longer with us. I'd like to think they are happy, those who graduated earth life, that they haven't been forgotten.

I was relieved to read that you would be feasting with Kelly.

Today is another sunny day here in Virginia. I'm thinking it's time to trim the halls after I put away the remnants of Thanksgiving 2013….just the decor not the rest of the food.