Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Webster and I went out and checked all of the downspouts this morning in the soft rain and they are all fine. So far, so good with the weather here. The HARD rain they have been predicting hasn't happened and it's not too cold. Bright sun is predicted for Thanksgiving Day with much lower temps. I'm sorry all the travelers have rain and snow and ice to cope with depending on their destination. Be safe everyone. My animals have gone back to bed and I wish I could too. I can see an afternoon nap in my future. Tabitha got me up way too early this morning.
PS....Never did get my nap and sundown is in 20 minutes. Guess I will just turn in a little earlier than usual tonight. my iPhone photo
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N from Va said...

Hsppy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

JudyMac said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Rosemary. Hope you are spending it with good friends at a bounteous table. I'm sure Webster would appreciate a bit of leftovers, if there are any. :-)