Friday, November 29, 2013

My Thanksgiving

Is there anything more beautiful than a sink full of cranberries?

I made raw cranberry relish and a cranberry/jello/pineapple dish iced with cream cheese and sour cream. I left out the nuts...recipe here. Relish: I just chopped raw cranberries in my Cuisinart in small batches. Then 2 honey crisp apples with skins on, and finally 2 oranges, seeded, with skins on. I chopped the apples and cranberries coarsely and the oranges finely until they were mostly juice. Mix all together and add a little sugar if you wish. I added about 1/3 cup for a big batch, about twice as much as you see in this bowl. The front dish is actually a pyrex loaf pan. I made the jello dish in two of them. One to take to my friend's house and one to keep for myself. That worked perfectly.

Webster got lots of treats yesterday too. The yogurt container was first, followed by pumpkin oatmeal - canned pumpkin mixed in with hot oatmeal to cool it off. 

Did you have a nice Thanksgiving yesterday? I did and have lots of leftovers to enjoy today. Yum.
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Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Good to see you and Webster had a nice day. We, too, had a great Thanksgiving!

Candice said...

Oh, Webster, you lucky boy!

Stacey Snacks said...

I love fresh cranberry relish!
That sink full of cranberries is beautiful!
Stop by tomorrow for a big hunk of turkey pot pie, it has your name on it!

Anonymous said...

The recipe uses canned but you use fresh....what is the amount of fresh cranberries? This looks divine!

Content in a Cottage said...

Anonymous...I used the fresh cranberries for the raw cranberry relish. For the iced jello dish, I used canned whole cranberry sauce and canned pineapple just like the recipe calls for. I usually put the canned items in the refrigerator the night before so they are cold when added to the hot jello and it sets up very quickly.

Donna said...

We used to make the cranberry relish also, we would grind it up in the meat grinder, like you, now I make it in the food processor. For fifty plus years a family favorite!