Friday, September 13, 2019

Lovely Interior Design

I will never be a minimalist and never will the owner of the home shown above. I like lots of water in my washing machine and lots of things to love in my cottage. I have had people tell me, "You have so many things, but it doesn't look crowded." There is an art to this; you must choose things that are appropriately scaled to the size of your rooms so nothing overwhelms them.
I have been donating like crazy lately, giving away things that were duplicates in my newly cleaned out cupboards. At the end of this month, I can put things out at the road for the yearly pickup. I love driving around to see what other people are throwing away and maybe finding a treasure to bring back home.


Unknown said...

I read and thoroughly enjoy every single one of your posts but don’t comment on blogs often. But this post spoke to me. I agree with those who think your cottage is lovely!! I too will never be a minimalist and hav been told the same thing. There definitely is an art to it. Size, scale, texture, tone and color value all make a big difference and you always get it right! Linda - Behind My Red Door

Windmill Farm said...

I was just telling my husband, I hate my new washer because it never uses water and when I want to soak something, they are now calling it pre-wash without any control of how long, nor does it actually fill with water. Thank you for sharing, I do love the photo of the house. But nice to have life light and organized.

Pam said...

I have always admired people who are comfortable enough with themselves to create a home that reflects what they truly love.

Linda said...

it must be in the air . . . this passing along of household goods so these can live on and make others happy. Bit by bit, the kitchen cupboards, drawers and pantry have fallen under my gaze. Perhaps it's the little bit of time I am now spending each week helping out in a place which shares such as well as clothing to assist others in our community that makes this culling easier than it often is.
we are fortunate to be so blessed.