Saturday, July 28, 2018

Two Portrait Paintings

I collect miniature portraits and posted this one on Instagram recently.

There is a lock of hair on the reverse side of the locket.

Portrait of a young boy by Lillian Cotton 1913
I adore smocked children's clothing.
I acquired this painting years ago on a "left bid" at a local auction house that isn't around any more and I really miss it. You have to to to New York City to see and touch auction items in person these days. Selling or buying on-line is another option. I went to an antique show sponsored by a country fire house this week and it was a fun day. I saw some lovely things there too.
Enjoy the weekend. It finally stopped raining last night and the entire weekend looks grand for the last weekend in July. xo


tammy j said...

maybe the lock of hair on the other side was his wife's or sweetheart's?
please send us some of your rain! as usual we're in drought conditions.
excessive heat and high humidity.
I come to your blog for memories of my mother and my childhood. it was her region. I miss it so!
thank you Rosemary for your beautiful posts and Instagram! xo

lisa said...

I wish you easterners would send some rain out to California. We are on fire, and desperately in need of some.