Saturday, July 21, 2018

New Curtains I Sewed for My Attic

What an adventure I had this week making curtains for my third floor home office/work room. This is where I have my sewing room and ironing board as well as two PC computers. One is an iMac and the other is an old Windows XP computer.

I moved my sewing machine next to the last window and I really like it here. I worked today rearranging the part of the room you see in the ten photos I am posting today. The rest of the room is is wreck but I will slowly get it just the way I want it.

This is a view showing one of the windows closed. I created a monster when I started this project. Right away I had to take out the screens and wash them in hot soapy water outside. Then I had to clean the windows inside and out. Thankfully, they are tilt windows so it wasn't hard at all.

This is a view to the way back.

This pic shows the white twill tape tie backs. In the winter when it's freezing outside I can remove and let the curtains hang shut so there won't be so much heat loss downstairs as the warm air rises and hits the cold window panes. If I'm sewing and need more natural light, I'll just tie back the ones beside my machine.

Here is a close up of the wonderful designer fabric. It is woven in a damask pattern and it's the same on the reverse side. I am so thrilled I found four panels of long draperies that I remade for my little windows. They were double lined too. One layer of white flannel for insulation and the white cotton lining material.

Here is a view of the wall behind my Singer. The TV on a vintage artist's stand was for sculpting and now my TV and DVD player use it. I don't have my cable working in the attic and I mostly listen to NPR up there. The baseboard heat is on this wall too for warmth if I sew when it's cold.

Another view. Are you bored yet? This shows my comfy chair pulled up to the machine.

This might be a repeat.

My trusty Singer I've had since about 1965 and it is still simply wonderful and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I had to have the bobbin winder repaired several years ago but otherwise, it has never had a problem. I had a cabinet for it at one time but I sold it to a friend long ago. It works fine on this makeshift stand that is easy to move around. I love my pin cushion with the clear plastic wrist strap. I have a red one too but the bracelet part broke and I've been using it with elastic that needs to be replaced. I found this blue one in a drawer this week and was so excited. It's better than my red one because it is filled with metal shavings that sharpen the pins every time you poke one in. It says made in Japan so it's very old. I always look at sewing supplies at house sales.

That's it for my this project that I started on Tuesday morning. My windows look so nice from outside too, just like the cozy cottage that it is. Enjoy the weekend. It was overcast all day and has just started to rain. xo


Claire said...

Great job on your curtains. I recently had new curtains and Roman shades made for the windows and French doors in our master bedroom. I chose a taupe, beige, and white buffalo print. Sewing is really harder than most people realize and redoing is sometimes even harder. Love your work space .

Patricia said...

Beautiful curtains! I absolutely love the material. You are an inspiration!

Kathy said...

This was far from a boring post. I love seeing the inside of your cottage. I had no idea there was a third floor; what a cozy spot! I have that same blue pin cushion with a clear wristband. I believe I've had it since the early 1970's when I got my first Singer singer sewing machine.

Mama Pea said...

What a great find you got in that curtain material! I am partial to checks so these really appeal to me. I'm never, ever bored with peeks you give of your living space. More and more I see what a treasure you have in your cozy home. And such talent you have in decorating it. You must let us see the other half of the room when you finish getting it just the way you want.

annette said...

It has been years since I pulled out my Singer.If I had a cozy spot like this perhaps I'd be tempted! Your curtains are so charming. Xo

auntp said...

I absolutely love seeing your sewing room and all of the details! The curtain fabric is wonderful, and the sewing machine is much like my mom's which is still going strong after more than 60 years. I have an old Bernina from 1974 which I bought from a friend, and I wouldn't trade it for any new one out there! You have a perfect setup, in my opinion:)


Pam said...

Your curtains look wonderful! Rosemary, you must be quite a seamstress. Congratulations on a job well done! BTW, I really like your third floor space--your home is very inviting.

jane said...

I love sewing rooms and would really love to see it when you have it all the way you want it. I have a very nice sewing room myself but only one window. I would love to have that many for plants. And I would like about a week undisturbed in my sewing room.

minwks said...

Well done completing your curtains. The fabric is fabulous and a bonus that they are lined and ready to keep you cosy in winter.
You must feel very pleased to have that completed.
Regards Janine

momto1 said...

Sweet! I love a good sewing story. You did a good job! I love your vintage machine, too. I know you’ll have hours of fun up in your newly-spiffed sewing room!

Beth said...

Well done! They're really charming. And I love how creative and resourceful you are, converting finds to purposes that suit your needs.

I really like your floor lamp, too!

Hayley said...

Such a pretty room, you did a great job on the curtains. Wish I knew how to sew!


Hayley said...

What a pretty room, great job on the curtains!

The Hunting House said...

Bored? Never!

Did you stitch a tunnel and gather these panels onto tension rods? If so, that's another genius thing we seamstresses have to thank the world for, tension rods. Adore them.

My parents gave me a Singer Featherweight [it's a teeny tiny workhorse] when I graduated from college. It's still fierce and going strong all these oh so many years later.

Beautiful work, Rosemary!

Content in a Cottage said...

The Hunting House -- Yes. I stitched a channel or tunnel for a 5/8" tension rod 24"-48" in length. I have never used one this big but I needed it because of the double lining and the quality fabric all together were heavy. The lighter-weight 3/8" ones were too flimsy. I didn't measure the channel. I just turned over one row of checks and stitched at the bottom. That turned out to be perfect. I did not remove any of the lining either. I agree that tension rods make curtain-making so easy. I have beautiful woodwork around all of my windows and I love having a tension rod inside the window casing so the woodwork shows.
I have had many Featherweights in the past and always sold them for big prices. Now they have disappeared altogether from house sales but no matter, because I love my Singer Slant-O-Matic 500 most of all. I don't need the portability of the featherweight. BUT I would jump on one if I ever saw another. And keep it forever! Like a playmate for my big Singer. Ha.
xo, Rosemary

The Hunting House said...

I too adore inside mount and wayyy prefer it to outside mount, especially given beautuful trim such as yours. Another thing I love about what/how you did your curtains is the sumptuous amount of gathering you allowed along each channel, so lush! You know how sad it looks when the gathering up is skimpy, but NOT YOURS! SO well done!

Betty said...

Charming curtains and attic! I bought my Singer sewing machine new in 1968. It sits on my Dad's old typewriter table and it is my old friend.
I love the blue and white fabric.

The Queen Vee said...

This space, the photos, stand for TV, buffalo checked curtains, blue and white, third floor attic....I adore EVERYTHING about this post. You are such a wonderful story teller, poster...amazing woman. Thank you for sharing your cottage.