Sunday, July 22, 2018

Curtain with Red Geranium

Sunday morning sunshine in window with geranium.
It rained all night and was very windy too. Before it started yesterday, I put a red geranium in the first window I see when I go up the attic stairs. This is the way it greeted me when I went up to open the windows this morning. Thank you for all of your wonderful comments. 
Now I will tell you more. I had originally intended to do only one panel for each window, like a roman shade completely collapsed. Well, that didn't work at all. Too skimpy and not full enough to tie back in one direction, and they made the room too dark. Back to the drawing board to make three more. I have never made roman shades and didn't want to learn. I had no idea what I was going to use to tie back the double panels. I tried various twines, ropes, ribbons, etc. but was too lazy to make them from the same fabric at this point (burnout was just around the corner). Then I discovered a new roll of 3/4" white twill tape and that was the answer. I used white chair glide pins to anchor them. The white looks perfect from the outside too, matching the lining material. It was an evolutionary process, not planned the way it turned out. I could never be a decorator for anyone else. How would you explain process this to a client? Now that it's finished, I wouldn't change a thing. I sometimes cook this way too. What's for dinner? No idea. Start chopping an onion and see what happens. Not planned but delicious. Have a great Sunday. xo


Kathy said...

The geranium in the window looks like a picture; so pretty! Sometimes the things that turn out best are the things that aren't planned. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos!

Mama Pea said...

What a perfect picture of geranium in window!

I think the whole process you went through with the curtains, tie backs, etc. shows your extreme creativity. The best part is that all during the process you didn't lose sight of what was most appealing to YOU. The end product couldn't be lovelier, to my mind. Really enjoyed that you've shared the whole process.

Content in a Cottage said...

Kathy -- You are so right. I knew I had enough fabric to do pretty much anything so I wasn't worried when Plan A didn't work out. I'm glad you approve of Plan B.
xo, Rosemary

Content in a Cottage said...

Mama Pea -- Thank you for your kind words. I knew I would find something for the tie backs in my arsenal of sewing supplies. I still have wooden spools of thread from high school. I wasn't about to give up after all that measuring, ironing, hand sewing blind hems, not to mention the taking apart process. I was fortunate in finding these designer panels that were so beautifully made and I wasn't going to be happy until mine were equally finely finished. I have always been a perfectionist in all aspects of sewing. My mother always commented that I could wear my homemade clothing wrong side out and be proud of my handwork. She was always willing to drop what she was doing to pin up my hems.
I am looking forward to many more happy hours up there putting things in order so I can enjoy the space that I have been neglecting for so long. I put nasturiums in the windows too and it looks better by the minute.
You and I have the same taste. Thanks for stopping by to comment on my week of sewing.
xo, Rosemary

I'm gonna tell Mom! said...

Reading this makes me realize I am not alone in my aesthetic, nor in my desire to create and make our home a welcome reflection of the individuals living here. Thank you for sharing!

Content in a Cottage said...

I'm gonna tell Mom! -- Kim, Welcome to the club. I think you enjoy the things you make or remake much better than the things you buy ready made. Except for thrift shop purchases, of course.
xo, Rosemary

tammy j said...

I simply LOVE THIS!
it's YOU.
and it's wonderful. :)

Content in a Cottage said...

tammy j -- Thank you, Tammy. I have rearranged already. The red geranium is in the center window and blooming pots of nasturtiums are on windowsills on either side. I cannot stop playing up there.
xo, Rosemary

SuSu said...

Rosemary - your curtains are killer and I had that pattern in a previous house - in the kitchen and great room as they flowed together so I had a wonderful memory hit!
And the geranium is perfect - as is the rest of your lovely home. But, I do miss the four-legged inhabitants as well as your beautiful mother...but life goes on, doesn't it, even if we don't want it to.
I so look forward to my daily dose of Cottage - thank you!!!

Pam said...

With the light coming through the window, the geranium nearly appears to have neon colors. Nothing wows like Mother Nature! Rosemary, thank you for sharing the process you went through to make the new curtains. It encourages me to keep on looking for solutions to some of my challenging projects. Often, the answers are right at our fingertips (thinking of you tiebacks), but we have to be patient and willing to try new things.

Content in a Cottage said...

Pam -- I knew I could always fall back on making tiebacks from the blue and white checked fabric if I had to but I really wanted something different. If the twill tape hadn't worked, I thought about buying some white ball fringe. That would have been perfect too and would have carried out my cottage theme. I recently toured a wonderful small house that had white curtains trimmed with white ball fringe, tied back down low at the windowsill level. They transported me back to the late 1960s when I made ball fringe curtains for my kitchen and trimmed a lampshade to match.
I try to work things out in my head before I even begin a project but sometimes I have to figure out how to salvage the things that don't work out as planned. As someone else mentioned, they often turn out even better so keep trying.
xo, Rosemary

Content in a Cottage said...

SuSu -- I miss them all too. But my mother, Webster and Tabitha live in my heart. I have always been somewhat of a loner so I'm fine. I always have a project at hand and I never feel that I am finished creating my cottage. I have really enjoyed getting acquainted with my sewing machine lately and it am looking forward to another project. Yes, life goes on. Thanks for your sweet comments.
xo, Rosemary

Pam said...

Rosemary, you mentioned ball fringe trimmed curtains, and I just wanted to let you know they still sell them at Country Curtains, located in Vermont. I have a friend with a cottage and she used them throughout.

Mia Farrago said...

It's obvious from your blog that you have an eye for interior design, so your instincts on improv sewing will always be spot on. The curtains look wonderful.