Sunday, April 1, 2018

Mac and Cheese to take to Easter Brunch

I made this Mac and Cheese yesterday and took it out of the refrigerator early this morning to get it down to room temperature. It's in the oven right now heating through and hopefully browning on top. I might have to put it under the broiler for that step. All the ingredients were completely cooked so heating up is all that's necessary. I used this recipe found online. I used a shredded cheese mixture called Fiesta Blend. I have never purchased already shredded cheese in my life and the giant 5-pound bag should last for a very long time. I made the cream sauce, added the 3 cups of cheese and poured the whole thing in my baking pan. The sauce tasted delicious and very cheesy so I skipped the step calling for more cheese in a center layer. I put it all on top.
I haven't eaten cheese in a couple of months, so this will be a real treat for me. I made my cranberry, pineapple, jello dish without the nuts to take to a dinner later. That link will take you to a blog post showing Webster, the wonder dog and it contains another link that will take you to a post with photos of my mom. So bittersweet.
I weighed myself this morning and I'm hoping I don't pack on too much weight but that's probably wishful thinking.

I did have to put it under the broiler. Here's the finished product, ready to pack in my carrying basket. HAPPY EASTER. Enjoy your day. See you later. xo


Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Happy Easter! It looks delicious.

Pam said...

That macaroni and cheese looks scrumptious! Hope you had a good Easter!

Linda said...

Your mac and cheese must have been very popular.
When it comes to appetites for a holiday meal . . . the old pleasers always are best.

Vickie H. said...

Thank you for sharing...I went back in time...clicked on all the links....loved all the pictures....I was so emotional for you, given all that you have lost over the years I have followed your wonderful blog. God bless you, Rosemary.

Content in a Cottage said...

Vickie H. Thank you for your concern. It has been a little over 5 years since I lost my mom but she lives in my heart. She loved Tabitha and Webster and it was good that she had pets while she lived with me. She never had animals when she lived alone. I am fine without them too at this point in my life. I had a wonderful Easter with friends. Hope you did too.
xo, Rosemary

The Queen Vee said...

Your mac and cheese looks decadently delicious and perfect for an Easter feast. Our local families came for dinner yesterday. I had returned quite late Saturday evening from the East so I was grateful I only had to supply ham and homemade rolls, my daughter-in-laws whipped up the rest of the sides and dessert. The grands searched for eggs and we ended the evening eating our traditional Easter cake.

Time does soften the pain from loss of those we love most to include pets...the memories are such a gift. Your mother was such a lovely woman and you Rosemary, such a great example of a loving daughter. Those of us who have followed you over the years mourned with you as you went through some difficult times. I know I felt privileged as you shared such personal feelings and loss with us. Thank you.

Stacey Snacks said...

That mac and cheese is perfection!!!! Make it for me sometime!