Sunday, March 4, 2018

March really Marched In

I am obsessed by Hellebores but whenever I see them in person in someone's garden, they are never this beautiful. They usually look like salad fixings that have been in the crisper drawer too long. Maybe I just haven't seen any that were planted in the right spot. I think the individual flowers are really beautiful. Here is a link to learn more about these late winter bloomers aka Lenten roses.
More hellebores. The foliage is evergreen. via


Mia Farrago said...

Love your description--so true. But they are lovely and it's exciting to see early flowers of any kind. My memory of them is that they're usually flopping over, so the flowers are not as easily seen as they are in these photographs. The "March" photo is so lovely.

Linda said...

I cherish several of these lovelies in my garden, the very best kind, gifted to me by friends. Tough and pretty as can be, they stood up to the recent gale force winds. Picked a tiny bouquet to bring inside to enjoy.