Saturday, March 3, 2018

Kitchen Doors that Open Out

Hmmm. Would this work at my cottage? If my two French doors were divided and opened out, I could have full-length draperies to block the blinding sun in the summer and the cold drafts in the winter. I must investigate this idea. The only time it might be a problem would be during a deep snow. I like the teak flooring squares on the balcony floor too. Nice! via
All is calm at my home this morning after a day of frightful wind yesterday and last night. I lost power for a short period four times and appreciated having a generator. Some large trees came down in the woods but not on my property. The wind after I went to bed was the worst. It sounded like a freight train but I diverted my ears to the TV and watched The Nun's Story on TCM that I had recorded earlier in the day. I had never seen it and enjoyed it very much. Audrey Hepburn was great. Have a peaceful weekend and be safe if you live on coast where the tides are going to be a problem this morning and this evening. See you later. xo


Tara Dillard said...

Installed outward opening French doors at my previous home. Why? Just inside the doors was an antique French buffet I used for serve-yourself luncheons. If those doors opened inwards, one would block that buffet.

The doors replaced windows, also put in a flagstone terrace. Ooh la la !!

Garden & Be Well, XOT

Linda said...

Thankfully, all is well at the cottage, Rosemary. The winds were fierce here, too. Still, no damage.
Poor folks on the shore.

Mama Pea said...

Good to hear you didn't sustain any damage from the storm. I hate hearing the wind during the night!

I vaguely remember seeing "The Nun's Story" in a movie theater when it first came out. When was that? Early 1960's? You've made me want to rent it from Netflix (if they have it) to watch again. Always loved Audrey Hepburn.