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Sunday, February 11, 2018

My Set of Antique Copper Pots with Monogram

I discovered this matched, graduated set of old copper pots at an outdoor antiques show years ago. Each one has this monogram on the front opposite the handle. Somebody was really proud of them and so am I because they look wonderful on the top shelf of my pantry. The large dovetails are beautiful too. The bottom of the biggest one is marked on the bottom with an incised E. I don't know what that signifies but it's probably a maker's mark. I didn't look on the bottom of the others. They fit inside each other nicely in a nest for easy storage. I like them lined up better. At my former house, they were displayed on a standing pot rack. The insides need to be re-tinned so I don't use them. Plus they are really heavy! I have posted this photo on my blog in the past but in view of questions about them, I decided to post it again. This set must have belonged to a gentleman cook with the initials B.M. Jr. 
I shall enjoy this rainy Sunday. All of the snow has melted so I will be seeing more snowdrops soon and maybe some blossoms too. xo


SusanfromKentucky said...

I have always admired your copper pots in pictures you post. I have the Revere 1776 Copper Collection I bought from someone years ago on eBay. They had never been used, still having the sticker in the middle. Now they hang on a pot rack over my island, with the stickers STILL intact, just for show. One day, if I tire of them, I will sell them to someone else who will either display them, too, or use them.

The Queen Vee said...

I love seeing photos of your pantry office and your beautiful copper pots. One wonders what wonderful things were whipped up in these pots.

I envy your snow and rain, winter has been a complete fail in Utah this year. It will be in the 50's all this coming week.