Thursday, January 4, 2018

Cozy Snow Day at My Cottage

I am all set for a lovely snow day. My cottage is right on the line between 5"-8" of snow and 1"-4" of snow. I think we have about 2" so far but it's hard to tell because of the wind blowing sideways. I added another blanket to the top of my fireplace and I'm all set with a stack of DVDs from the library and a good book. I went grocery shopping yesterday too. I hope you are all safe and can stay indoors until it stops. That's my plan. I live on a county road and the snow plows come by really often. My roof got finished yesterday so I am all buttoned up and can report the blanket is working nicely to keep the heat in my room instead of up the chimney. Why didn't I think of this sooner? I actually hired a plumber to put in a gas line so I could get gas logs and have a fire anytime I wanted. But you know me, I have to research everything to the Nth Degree and I learned a lot. You have to install a clamp that keeps the damper open a little in case you forget to open the flue when you want a gas fire. Actually, it was highly advised to keep your flue open ALL the time if you have a constant pilot light burning. So I talked myself out of this notion and canceled the plumber. The money I saved was applied to my new roof which turned out to be a better investment. See you later. xo


Leslie said...

What about a heat-generating wood-stove insert for your firebox, Rosemary? That would give you both the coziness of a wood fire at the time of year when it's most appealing and useful, and throw its heat right back into the room. There are a number of stylish options with glass in the doors that allow you to see the fire, which is part of the appeal, of course. I've had free-standing wood stoves and loved them and while gas is very popular now, too, I love a good wood fire.

Joanne S said...

We had gas logs in our Chicago suburb houses 6 years apart. No pilot lights. No leaving the vent open.
When we had no fires going --most of the time--the gas connection was turned to OFF. The gas longs were lovely and gave off a great deal off warming heat.

But a snug now roof is much better. I am trying to read the titles off your DVD's

Linda said...

Oh, so good to know about keeping the flu slightly opened once a gas line is installed. Thank you for yet another helpful and cost-saving fact.

Looking at your stack of DVDs . . . reminds me to make a movie suggestion . . . The Darkest Hour, now in theaters. We saw it last night, stayed up well beyond my bedtime to talk about it and resumed that conversation this morning.

So happy to know you are home and safe for the duration of this storm.

Content in a Cottage said...

Linda -- Here is a link you should read. This man says the flue must remain in a fully open position all the time.
It is all too confusing and the men in the fireplace stores say something entirely different. If I ever do anything, I suppose I will get a fireplace insert. Anyway, I'm cozy today and I just shoveled the walk because it has almost stopped snowing. We still have wind though so it will probably all blow back.
xo, Rosemary

Content in a Cottage said...

Leslie -- I have been looking at those too. Some are quite lovely. Thanks for the suggestion.
xo, Rosemary

Content in a Cottage said...

Joanne S -- I got 4 foreign films and a 2-volume TV series.
It always puzzles me why the British films that are in English are shelved in the Foreign film section. But they are. I just got finished watching THE SENSE OF AN ENDING and it was so good. Stars: Jim Broadbent, Michelle Dockery and Charlotte Rampling.
The other 3 are THE RELUCTANT FUNDMENTALIST (Great Britain), '71 (Great Britain) and A SEPARATION (Iran)
I got Season I and Season II of a British Mystery series called VEXED (Acorn Media)
If I don't like them right away, it's on to the next one.
xo, Rosemary

lisa said...

You sound like you're well prepared Rosemary. Stay warm. All of you readers' fireplace ideas sound lovely. There's nothing like a fire in the fireplace when the weather outside is cold and miserable. I live in California, so I am only experiencing rain, which we need badly. Sadly, we are restricted from having wood burning fires on some days due to the air quality. (I am trying to make out the titles on your books.)

The Queen Vee said...

I actually love a snow storm when one has to hunker down. Such a great excuse to indulge in binge reading movie watching and a pot of homemade soup. I'm not at all surprised you were totally prepared. Loved the idea of the blanket around the open fireplace. I'm late to respond to this post and assume your temps are starting to go up. We have not been experiencing the arctic temps that you have. Stay warm.

Your trophies on the mantel are gorgeous.