Sunday, November 5, 2017

Most Gorgeous Living/Family Room

This formal yet casual cozy large living/family room is fabulous. What a great seating arrangement for conversing with family and friends. I like the rag rug too and the wallpaper is subtle and interesting. I see it was in Architectural Digest and would love to find it online but haven't yet. via

My tired bones are looking forward to PBS tonight with The Durrells and The Collection. I raked tons of leaves and did quite a lot of outside work. I got a 9KW Generac Generator and it was installed on Friday. The plumber is coming tomorrow to connect the gas line and the plumbing inspection is on Thursday. It will be turned on and tested when the electrical inspector comes. It looks gorgeous and made my picket fence and the north side of my cottage look shabby so I washed everything down with Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day multi-surface spray and the shingles, my air-conditioning unit, all the panel boxes and pipes and especially the picket fence look almost new. I got rid of that green algae or whatever it is that likes to get on surfaces where there is no direct sun. It wasn't that hard since there was the nicest very soft rain that wet down everything for me so my spray cleaner could get right to work. I didn't have to scrub with any brushes, just a 3M thin pad and some old rags. I did a lot of raking and pruning earlier in the day before the rain. Will post pics later. Enjoy your Sunday night. xo


Mama Pea said...

Ooof! Sounds as though you deserve a night of lounging in front of a couple of PBS programs. Look forward to seeing pictures you promise!

tammy j said...

you deserve a rest tonight!
enjoy pbs!
just enjoying your beautiful blog as always.
have to check in every now and then! xo

Pam said...

Rosemary, you will love having a generator. We've had one for several years, and truly appreciate the fact that life can go on, uninterrupted, when there are power failures. Bet it feels wonderful to have accomplished so much this weekend, and it's great to be "all set" for winter's arrival!!

JudyMac said...

You must be thoroughly pooped! Hope you didn't over-do it. Rest well and cozy tonight.

Linda said...

Rosemary, I am beginning to wonder if Meyers also makes an energy drink!!!
Once again you have inspired me out of a slump. The steps leading from our screened porch get little sun and loads of leaves and acorns and currently have that grungy look . . . not nice. I will follow your formula and let you know how it turns out.
Hope you took this day off to admire your work.