Thursday, March 31, 2016

Things To Do For Your Body

I haven't been getting enough exercise lately. I used to walk Webster four times a day on my property but that routine went out the window about a month ago because he didn't want to walk that far. On Tuesday I walked down and back twice before bed and it felt good. Now I'm doing that after breakfast and before bed down and back four times total. Each session lasts 15 minutes so I'm walking 30 minutes each day and that feels about right for me. Makes me drink more water too and that's a good thing. via


The Queen Vee said...

I haven't been getting enough exercise either and 8 weeks of non-stop activity and stress have not helped. I'm glad you are getting out and walking again although I'm sure you miss not having the Wonder Dog by your side. You inspire me to do better, I know that some daily exercise would help my stress...must make time and also must drink more water like you.

Rebecca said...

Sorry to hear the Webster is no longer living. Good to hear you are walking and getting out. I know that even a short walk can do a wonders f
or our body and soul.

Cherish the Day, Rebecca

Gail, northern California said...

Among the many things dogs are good for is getting us to walk. Aside from her many loving ways, that was one of the first things I missed after losing my gentle Misty May.

Up immediately when I came downstairs, she was ready for her morning jaunt. 4 o'clock, and I could set my watch, she was at my side. Usually I was at the computer and could feel those soulful eyes on me. Is it possible she could also smile? I'd ask her, "Are you ready for a walk before dinner?" and there was that ever-ready wag of her tail. Lovely old female dog, just my speed.

No doubt Mr. Webster is with you still.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Walking daily is the best form of exercise and is so easy to do. It sounds as if you have a wonderful place to walk, I am a bit envious as I am restricted to a sidewalk.