Saturday, October 31, 2015

Lamb's Ears in My Garden

Lamb's Ears are the perennial that keeps on giving. This is a cropped detail of the photo below. The tall flower spikes from the summer have been cut down ~ the bees loved them.

I have thinned and moved these plants three times and shared them with friends since 1976. Are these plants still being sold in garden centers? I have no idea. I probably got my first mother plant at Well Sweep Herb Farm in Port Murray, NJ


kathiquilts said...

Yes, thank goodness, you can still find this lovely in garden centers. and you are right- it does keep on giving - beautiful all summer and fall and it makes the most beautiful dried arrangements and wreaths!

Lee Owenby said...

I've had Lamb's Ears for many years. Years ago while giving our oldest grandchild a tour of our yard and telling her all about the plants growing here, I showed her this plant and explained it probably got it's name because it was shaped liked a lamb's ear and because it was soft and wooly feeling. I also told her how people used it as a page marker in their bibles. She's 11 now and this summer I heard her telling the same story to her younger sister and brother. They all took leaves to use as page markers.

Content in a Cottage said...

Lee Owenby --
Thank you for that wonderful story. I have never heard it before and I'm sure many readers haven't either. Now lamb's ears will have a whole new life as bible page markers.
xo, Rosemary

jusaweecatnap said...

Thanks, ladies, I'll have to try both as a bookmark and dried wreath perhaps.

donna baker said...

And just because I can, here is one use I bet you didn't know about Lamb's Ears. Native American women used to use them as Kotex type pads.