Friday, September 4, 2015

Keeping The Bird Bath Filled

I hope we get some much needed rain after the upcoming long Labor Day weekend. Tending the wilting plants and watering places for the birds gets harder each day. There was a heavy dew this morning and it's much cooler and breezy so I'm pretty happy right now. See you later. xo


Jaybird said...

It is for sure a full time job to take care of the birdies. We have 4 feeders, one stationary water pan, 1 woodpecker feeder and 5 hummingbird feeders. We also have a big pan that has year round drip water. In the summer we have a hawk who likes to come and sit in the middle of the water pan. The other birds don't like him very well, and the crows occasionally gang up on him and chase him off :^) Lots of other animals know about the free water, and they show up regularly too. The only ones that we object to are the skunks, but I guess somebody's gotta' love them!!
Have a good weekend and be blessed!

White Lace and Promises said...

I love the birdbath. As soon as we can get out of this apartment living, I'm going to have flowers and a bird bath.