Saturday, June 6, 2015

Blue and White Checked Slipcover

image source
My favorite fabric. This chair looks like the perfect place to curl up with a good book, doesn't it? I hope there is an ottoman somewhere. I love that the owner dragged another chair beside the easy chair to hold all the books because there were fresh flowers on the table. 
We had rain all night but it stopped at daybreak. Enjoy your Sunday whatever you do, inside or outside. xo


karen said...

....and look at the child's chair with the pile of books in it. That , I will take !

donna baker said...

Blue and white-you can never go wrong. Buffalo checks or stripes, I love it all.

Mama Pea said...

Oh, yes! With an ottoman in front of that comfy chair and I would be set for a whole day of reading on a rainy day.

The fabric of the slipcover is nearly identical to the upholstery I have on a small wing back chair. Love it.

Gail, northern California said...

I would wager the whole house is lovely. Cozy and lived-in.

Karen in VA (was CT) said...

This is so charming. I could just study the details all day and am going to put it on Pinterest asap. There is nothing like red and cream check fabric, except possibly blue and cream

Thanks for the charming find.

Happy Sunday ... It's a lovely day here too.

Karen in VA