Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Coastal Maine Century Old Cottage

The shingled cottage on Southport Island, Maine, was built more than a century ago and is as close to the water as you can get on this rocky coastline.

Owner/designer Libby Cameron painted the staircase banister and treads in Benjamin Moore's Chrome Green. Most of the floors all over the rambling cottage are painted this color too. I like it!

The long built-in bench in the sitting room is where people sit and talk on the only phone in the house.

The owner's favorite place to sit. There is a screened porch alongside for outdoor dining. Want to see more? There's a slideshow here showing the carefree and charming interior. You'll love it!!!


jusaweecatnap said...

Every since I was a kid I've had a thing for dark green woodwork. It might, possibly, be a vague memory of my grandparents' summer cottage on the lake. I finally satisfied my wish for green woodwork by painting my DR woodwork green. Makes me happy. Love this cottage.

Candice said...

Lordy, that's lovely! Lots of ideas to borrow there.

Karen said...

What a killer view. I love a cottage with nooks and crannies to discover.