Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Another New Beatrix Potter Watercolor

Appley Dapply - Beatrix Potter 1890 via
There is nothing in real life more frightening to me than a mouse in the kitchen. But when they are wearing clothes, they are fine. Now, more about this mouse. Beatrix Potter gathered material for a book of rhymes over many years. In 1917, when her publisher was in financial difficulties and needed her help, she suggested that Appley Dapply's Nursery Rhymes could be brought out quickly, using her existing collection of rhymes and drawings.


annette said...

Just too adorable! Rosemary, I have the same feelings as you about mice in the kitchen.Many years ago while gardening I came upon a small dead rat and wanted to simply run into the house.I thought of Beatrix Potter and looked at the poor little creature through her eyes.This took some courage for me and I got a shovel and gave him a proper burial! Enjoy the coming of Spring.xo Annette

Gail, northern California said...

I don't like mice or rats either but surely agree with you that anything painted by Beatrix is A-OK with me. That's a lovely little watercolor.

Does history tell us whether or not Beatrix and her Appley-Dappley nursery rhymes pulled the publishing house out of its financial mire?

I'd like to share this charming little story with you and can only hope there isn't a limit to space for comments.

From Mendocino, California ~
I was a newcomer to the neighborhood...the Pudding Creek neighborhood on the coast.

One day as I was working like a madman on the old farmhouse I bought, a truck pulls
into the driveway and a tall, white-haired gentleman gets out. He introduced himself
as “Ned” and asked if he could have any of the scrap lumber I had tossed aside. I told
him “Sure, help yourself.”

He got back in his truck and drove away. That seemed a bit odd but I was so busy, I
hadn’t time to think too much about it when a little while later, there was Ned pulling
in the driveway again.

As he got out of his truck and walked closer, I could see what he was carrying.
Obviously made of scrap lumber, it was a beautiful, handcrafted lighthouse.
He then handed it to me as a gift and said, “Welcome to the neighborhood.”

Karen in VA (was CT) said...

Oh gosh ... I have never seen this. It's just precious. Thanks for showing us.

Karen in VA