Thursday, July 24, 2014

Enjoying the cut grass.

I mowed for over 6 hours today and it's starting to look pretty good around here. It was a perfect day to cut tall grass on my riding mower. This is only the third or fourth cutting this year. I only cut about once a month. I know that's not often enough but I can always find an excuse for putting it off. Too hot, too wet, no gas, no oil, too late, etc. Actually, I have to be in the mood to mow and today I was! I did use my last drop of SAE 30 small engine motor oil and the empty container is on the kitchen table to remind me to pick up more. I almost always use my walk behind mulching mower for the front so grass doesn't get blown against the house. It was so long I did run my Snapper over it going in only one direction. Tomorrow I will go over it again with the power push mower so I won't have so much hand trimming. Webster and Tabitha like what I've done so far. Webster has decided to join me in the living room on one of his beds. He's over his pout, I guess. Enjoy the evening. I'm sure I hope I won't mow in my sleep tonight. I feel like I still have my roller skates on, if you know what I mean. xo


Anonymous said...

Your lawn mowing account has left me breathless. You did all the work and I am exhausted. Rest well, Rosemary. Walk about your house in the morning, coffee in hand, to admire your great work.

Ann said...

The grounds of your cottage are so latest obsession is the perennial border I made along the east fence of my it and the plants return and get bigger each year.

I can see a border along the front of your house...and even along your low brick wall....ever think of doing this?