Thursday, July 24, 2014

Best Eye Liner

His name is Sherlock. Mother Nature gave him the most wonderful eye liner, didn't she? We had a storm late yesterday that cooled things off nicely. I had the windows open last night and threw a light blanket on top of my bed spread because Miss Tabitha decided to sleep with me. She woke me up early and wanted to go outside and I went right back to sleep, thankfully. Webster has decided to punish me by spending most of his time upstairs. He has a nice bed in front of an eyebrow window in the attic and I guess that's his preferred substitute for his spot on the old sofa. I'm still babying him to help him get over his hurt leg before it gets to be chronic. We've had three good days in a row and I'm very pleased. I think he views his two dog beds in the living room as "sick" beds. Let's hope he doesn't need them again anytime soon. xo


Deb said...

He is gorgeous. I hope Webster feels better soon. I loved your photo in the post before this. The photo of the 3 children gave me the idea to do the same with my grand-kids. :) Deb

Linn said...

You know what? Your blog makes me very happy!